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Most steps must be done as root.

Apache Configuration

  • Apache2 webserver >= 2.2.x

  • the following Apache modules should be enabled

    • rewrite / filter / deflate / headers / expires

  • Configure Vhost:
    • DocumentRoot must point to FOO/public
      where FOO is the installation root and is writeable for the installer
    • include_path set include_path to .:FOO/library/zend:OTHER_PHP_PATHS

MySQL Configuration

  • MySQL database >= 5.1
  • enable innodb_file_per_table
  • Not allowed SQL Modes

    • See the current config:
      SHOW VARIABLES WHERE Variable_name = 'sql_mode';
    • Set in config if needed:
  • Trigger Creation:

    • Test with the desired user:
      Test with DROP TRIGGER updater_super_check
    • Set in config if needed:
      log_bin_trust_function_creators = 1

PHP Configuration

  • latest PHP 5.6 (PHP 7 not supported yet) with the following extensions installed and enabled
    • dom / fileinfo / gd with Freetype-Support / iconv / mbstring / pdo_mysql / zip
  • Check error_logging configuration
    • set error_log to an appropriate file
    • set display_errors to Off
  • Check upload sizes:
    • post_max_size=600M
  • Check if php can send E-Mails
  • Check max_execution time for production environment and large file imports:
    • max_execution_time=3600 #for production instances and large files in imports to be on the save side
  • Check memory_limit for production environment and large file imports:
    • memory_limit=1024M #or higher, if possible for production instances and large files in imports to be on the save side



  • use the installer here!
  • configure OpenTM2 (and/or other TM/MTs) URLs
  • configure TermTagger URLs
  • reenable emails (disabled in installation.ini by installer)
    • must be an email which can be used as sender (from the server) and must be configured to receive mails. It receives the error mails.
  • Fix file permissions of installation
  • Change default users - create client specific users
    • remove listing of default users
  • Change client-specific logo stuff etc


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