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CategorySegment Edit Helper


Check and handle Spell-, Grammar- and Style-Errors while editing a segment in translate5.

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)


Based on LanguageTool, errors that are detected include: wrong spelling, wrong grammer, misfitting quotation marks, inaccurate date-specifiations, word-repititions, ...

The errors are marked in different colors according to the kind of error.

With a right mouse-click you can access more information about the error and suggestions for replacements. If you click on a suggestion, the suggested phrase instantly replaces the marked error in the segment.

The SpellCheck runs only when you stop typing or when evoked manually; this ensures that performance and speed while editing are not impaired.

  • Default:
    • SpellCheck is started when typing has stopped (or by F7).
    • Typing while the SpellCheck runs stops the currently running SpellCheck.
  • East asian languages (ja, ko, zh; incl. ja-JP etc):
    • SpellCheck is started by Button (or by F7).
    • While the SpellCheck is running, typing is not possible.

Configuration of the SpellCheck Plug-In

Config nameValuesDefaultDescription

integer0Defines if SpellCheck should be active (Can be set in task template task specific).
runtimeOptions.plugins.SpellCheck.languagetool.api.baseurlstringhttp://yourlanguagetooldomain/api/v2Base-URL used for LanguageTool
runtimeOptions.plugins.activejson arrayas configured in your installationAdd the bootstrap name editor_Plugins_SpellCheck_Init of the spell check class to the json array, as explained here: Plugin installation and activation
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