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General information: a plugin management feature is planned for the future, until then plugins have to be installed and configured by hand as described in this document.


To install a translate5-plugin, put it into the folder


To install plugin-specific sql, run the translate5 updater.


To activate a plugin,

  • Open the Zf_configuration table of translate5 in an MySQL editing tool like MySQL workbench or PhpMyAdmin
  • find the row where the "name" column has the value
  • edit the column "value" and add the bootstrap class name of the relevant plug-in to the JSON list, that already exists there. To find the bootstrap class name go to the corresponding page for your plug-in in translate5 confluence wiki.

For example: To enable most of the currently available core-plugins configure this:



The config parameters for a plug-in are listed at its plug-in page. For how to set configuration parameter please look up the information about Database based configuration.

Deactivation / Deinstallation

To deactivate a plugin, remove its bootstrap classname from the above mentioned configuration.

Ensure, that no running processes / workers are using the plugin. Otherwise this could lead to problems.

After deactivation a plugin can be deinstalled by executing the deinstall_*.sql scripts in the plugins database directory, then the whole plugin directory can be removed.