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CategorySegment Edit Helper


Use SDL Trados GroupShare as LanguageResource while editing a segment in translate5.

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)


Existing GroupShare TMs are listed in the LanguageResource overview of translate5 from the start (= they  are NOT listed in the "Add"-list for LanguageResource). The LanguageResource then can be assigned to tasks in the task properties of the task overview.


  • the user has a licence to use GroupShare
  • AND the GroupShare-Server is available
  • AND a GroupShare-TM once has been available, but isn't available any more,

then the GroupShare-TM that is no longer available will be removed from the LanguageResources and from the tasks it had been assigned to. The ProjectManager(s) of the affected task(s) will get an email that lists the name(s) both of the removed GroupShare-TM(s) and of the tasks the TM(s) had been assigned to.

When all available GroupShare-licenses are in use already, a user will not be able to use the GroupShare-TMs although they still exist. In this case:

  • The user is no allowed to edit tasks that use GroupShare-TMs.
  • The GroupShare-TMs are still listed in the LanguageResources, but have the status "available, but no licence left" and can not be edited.
  • When the user tries to edit GroupShare-TMs in the task-properties, translate5 shows a popup with an error-message.

If one or more GroupShare TMs are assigned to a task for reading, on opening a segment they will be searched for matches (fuzzy matches and 100% matches).

Same is true for the concordance search.

On MouseOver the metadata of the matches are shown (including TaskName and TaskGuid from translate5 if they exist). CreationUser, ChangeUser, UseUser are SystemFields; this means that they always relate to the GroupShare-users that we only use for the license and cannot be set via the API. So, translate5 uses CustomFields to store the users that edit in translate5. If a translate5-user is set in the CustomFields, we take this one. If not, we take the GroupShare-user from the SystemFields.

If one or more GroupShare TMs are assigned to a task for writing, on saving a segment the segment gets saved to GroupShare.

The GroupShare-TMs must have these CustomFields: 

    • "CreationUser" (text)
    • "ChangeUser" (text)
    • "UseUser" (text)
    • "TaskName" (text)
    • "TaskGuid" (text)

Configuration of the GroupShare Plug-In

Please note: All translate5-users who want to use the GroupShare-credentials that are given here are required to use the same translate5 instance.

Config nameValuesDefaultDescription
runtimeOptions.plugins.GroupShare.WebAPI.serverlist[ ]GroupShare Web Api Server, example: [""]
runtimeOptions.plugins.GroupShare.TMService.serverlist[ ]GroupShare Translation Memory Service, example: [""]
runtimeOptions.plugins.GroupShare.credentialslist[ ]List of credentials (licenses) to the GroupShare API. One credential entry looks like: "username:password"
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