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In the task properties window, there is a 'Other properties' tab where some of the task properties can be changed. To be able to modify the task properties, a user need to have the right acl_roles config.

Available task properties:

Task database fieldrequired acl-rightdescription
targetDeliveryDateeditorEditTaskDeliveryDateChange the task delivery date

Enable and disable the editing of the target columns with 100 % match rate and also calculate the segment editable flag and segments autostateId. The segment editable flag will be calculate the

same way as it is calculate when a new task is imported. The autostateId is loaded from the segments history table when segment history for the changed segment exist. When there is no segment

history for the segment or if the latest autostateId in the segment history is blocked, then the autostateId is calculated the same way as it is done when a task is imported.

orderdateeditorEditTaskOrderDateChange the task order date field.
realDeliveryDateeditorEditTaskRealDeliveryDateChange the task real delivery date.
taskPmeditorEditTaskPmChange the task project manager.
taskNameeditorEditTaskTaskNameChange the task name.
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