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  • MySQL >=8.0.17 and MariaDB >= 10.6 (enabled innodb_file_per_table  is recommended)
    (Please note, that translate5 used to run on MSSQL. translate5 still is able to run on other SQL-Databases than MySQL with some testing and adjustments to the code. Please contact the developers, if you need this.)
  • PHP 8 with the extensions installed and enabled
    • dom (could also be named xml)
    • intl
    • json
    • fileinfo
    • gd with Freetype-Support
    • iconv
    • mbstring
    • pdo_mysql
    • zip ( to install (php 7.48) if does not exist: sudo apt-get install php7.4php8-zip)
    • curl (ensure that your local CA list is up-to-date)
  • Oracle JDK 8