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TRANSLATE-2160: IP-based Authentication, that creates temporary users
For the roles "InstantTranslate" and "Term search" it is now possible to configure IP addresses in translate5s configuration. Users coming from these IPs will then be logged in automatically with a temporary user. All uploaded data and the temporary user will automatically be deleted, when the session expires.


TRANSLATE-2244: Embed translate5 guide video in help window
Embed the translate5 guide videos as iframe in the help window. The videos are either in german or english, they are chosen automatically depending on the GUI interface. A list of links to jump to specific parrs of the videos are provided.

TRANSLATE-2214: Change SSO Login Button Position
The SSO Login Button is now placed right of the login button instead between the login input field and the submit button.

TRANSLATE-1237: Exported xliff 2.1 is not valid
The XLF 2.1 output is now valid (validated against


TRANSLATE-2243: Task properties panel stays enabled without selected task
Sometimes the task properties panel was enabled even when there is no task selected in the project tasks grid.

TRANSLATE-2242: Source text translation in matches and concordance search grid
Change the German translation for matches and concordance search grid source column from: Quelltext to Ausgangstext.

TRANSLATE-2240: PDF in InstantTranslate
Translating a PDF file with InstantTranslate document upload leads to a file with 0 bytes and file extension .pdf instead a TXT file named .pdf.txt. (like Okapi is producing it).

TRANSLATE-2239: Installer is broken due zend library invocation change
The installer is broken since the the zend libraries were moved and integrated with the composer auto loader. Internally a class_exist is used which now returns always true which is wrong for the installation.

TRANSLATE-2237: Auto state translations
Update some of the auto state translations (see image attached)

TRANSLATE-2236: Change quality and state flags default values
Update the default value of the runtimeOptions.segments.stateFlags and runtimeOptions.segments.qualityFlags to more usable demo values.

TRANSLATE-2235: Not all segmentation rules (SRX rules) in okapi bconf acutally are triggered
The reason seems to be, that all segment break="no" rules of a language need to be above all break="yes" rules, even if the break="yes" rules do not interfere with the break="no" rules.

TRANSLATE-2234: Error on global customers filter

TRANSLATE-2233: Remove autoAssociateTaskPm workflow action
Remove the autoAssociateTaskPm workflow functionality from the workflow action configuration and from the source code too.

TRANSLATE-2232: Action button "Associated tasks" is visible for non TM resources
The action button for re-importing segments to tm in the language resource overview grid is visible for no tm resources (ex: the button is visible for mt resources). The button only should be visible for TM resources.

TRANSLATE-2218: Trying to edit a segment with disabled editable content columns lead to JS error
Trying to edit a segment when all editable columns are hidden, was leading to a JS error.

TRANSLATE-2173: Language resources without valid configuration should be shown with brackets in "Add" dialogue
Available but not configured LanguageResources are shown in the selection list in brackets.

TRANSLATE-2075: Fuzzy-Selection of language resources does not work as it should
When working with language resources the mapping between the languages of the language resource and the languages in translate5 was improved, especially in matching sub-languages. For Details see the issue.

TRANSLATE-2041: Tag IDs of created XLF 2 are invalid for importing in other CAT tools
The XLF 2.1 output is now valid (validated against

TRANSLATE-2011: translate 2 standard term attributes for TermPortal
Added the missing term-attribute translations.

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