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CategoryImport / FileParser


Enables import of Transit files.

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)


Enhances the default import process, so that it can deal with the special file structure of Transit files.

For export transit files several configuration parameters are available, see below.

If exporting with "diff" enabled, the additions and removes of text, are marked with <ins> and <del> tags.


Config nameValuesDefaultDescription
runtimeOptions.plugins.transit.writeInfoField.enabled0 or 10decides, if information is added to the target-infofield of a segment- further config values decide, which information.
runtimeOptions.plugins.transit.writeInfoField.exportDate0 or 10decides, if exportdate is written to infofield.
runtimeOptions.plugins.transit.writeInfoField.manualStatus0 or 10decides, if manualStatus is written to infofield.
runtimeOptions.plugins.transit.writeInfoField.termsWithoutTranslation0 or 10decides, if SourceTermsWithoutTranslation are written to infofield.
runtimeOptions.plugins.transit.writeInfoField.exportDateValueDate Optional, if empty the current date is used. If a specific date should be used, configure it in the form: YYYY-MM-DD
runtimeOptions.plugins.transit.exportOnlyEditable0 or 11Per default only the content of editable segments is written back to transit file. This does not influence the Info Field!

Writing to Transit info-field

As described in the configuration section, several additional information can be written to the segments info-field in the transit file. This are basically:

  • A hardcoded defined prefix: "###RefMat-Update"
  • Exportdate: If enabled by configuration, the date when export was created. Can be configured as a fixed date instead the current one. The date format is determined by the users locale.

  • Manual Status: If enabled by configuration the segment state set by the user, or "NO_QUALITY_STATE_SET_BY_USER" if nothing set.
  • Changed terms: Only terms which were changed from red to blue were listed here. Lists all changed terms of the segment, NOT grouped by termEntry group. Lists all used terms of one termEntry group.

Example strings:

  ###RefMat-Update 16.09.2015: NO_QUALITY_STATE_SET_BY_USER; QuellTerme: Bauteil; ZielTerme: component part;
###RefMat-Update 16.09.2015: Status 4

In the last example no other terms were corrected, so no terms are listed in the Infofield.


Adding the following line to your installation.ini enables debugging output for Transit Plugin.

  runtimeOptions.debug.plugin.Transit = 1

Enabled debugging with the value 1 enables more verbose output in using transit im and export.

  • You can also specify other integers than 1, the value is compared binary.
  • If the debug value contains binary the integer 2: The whole string which would be written into the transit info field on export is written into PHP error log.
  • If the debug value contains binary the integer 4: On export a validation is implemented, which checks the countings of red and blue terms in source and target. This check can be set to strict mode by setting debug & 4. Strict mode is useful to find termtagger issues. The content of the logged segments has to checked manually (see TRANSLATE-550)
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