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  • Thomas Lauria finalize the document and link on user changement form.

The following system roles choosable for users are available in translate5:

RoleDescriptionIs included in
EditorHas the right to see, open and edit the tasks associated to the user having that, pmlight, admin, api, systemadmin
instantTranslateGives access to InstantTranslate, accessing the language resources belonging to the same clients as the user is associated to.
TermPortal roles. See more details here TermPortal: User roles
termCustomerSearchRead-only access to TermPortal - search terms and view attributes

termProposer, termFinalizer, termReviewer, termPM, termPM_allClients

termProposerCreate terms/attributes; update/delete certain terms/attributes
termReviewerUpdate certain terms/attributes; Update processStatus from unprocessed to provisionallyProcessed or rejected.
termFinalizerUpdate certain terms/attributes; Update processStatus from provisionallyProcessed to finalized to rejected.
termPMFull read and write access to terms and attributes from termCollections belonging to the clients associated to the user.termPM_allClients
termPM_allClientsSame as termPM, but termCollections of ALL clients are accessible
pmlightTODO by Thomas
pmTODO by Thomas
adminTODO by Thomas
apiTODO by Thomas
systemadminTODO by Thomas

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