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translate5 plug-ins can add major functionality to translate5 such as Translation Memory, Machine Translation, conversion of native source files (like Indesing, Word, etc.), Track Changes or Review in PDF-like layout.

To install a plug-in:

  1. Place the plug-in folder inside of the plug-in directory of translate5, which is /application/modules/editor/Plugins - for many translate5 plug-ins this is already the case after installing translate5
  2. Run the translate5 updater
  3. Activate the plug-in in the configuration of translate5:
    1. Open the table Zf_configuration in your translate5 database for editing
    2. Search for the correct entry by using this SQL query: SELECT * FROM `Zf_configuration` WHERE `name` LIKE '';
    3. Edit the field "value" and add your plugin in the existing listing:
      1.  Your existing listing may look like this:

      2. And after adding e. g. the Okapi plugin it will look like this
      3. Your new plug-in is active now.
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