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CategoryImport / Pre-translation / Analysis


  1. Best matchrate value for each segment from the currently associated language resources.
  2. Pre-translate the segments from the associated language resources.
  3. Run term tagging

Bootstrap Class




This plug-in is enabled by default since it provides the core functionality of analysing to be translated content against the configured language resources.



Match rate boundaries

  • The match rate boundaries to be used in the analysis can be configured.
  • The values greater or equal to 100 must be covered by the configuration, since they are needed internally.
  • The values below 100 can be configured as needed, yet there may not be gaps between the boundaries and they may not overlap.
  • Example: 104-100;99-90;85-80; This is invalid, since there is a gap between 90 and 85.
  • For the XML export of the analysis only the ranges < 100 are relevant since only that ranges are customizable regarding the used XML format. The configuration or grouping of values >= 100 affects only the analysis shown directly in translate5 and in the excel export.
  • The lower values not configured are considered as "no match".

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