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This plug-in is currently deprecated and not longer supported. In case of interest it could be reactivated. Please contact in that case support ÄT translate5 net. 

CategoryThird party tool integration


Integrates the third party tool MT-ComparEval.
Third party URL

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)


Integrates the third party tool MT-ComparEval into translate5.

MT-ComparEval is a tool for comparison and evaluation of machine translations. It allows users to compare translations according to several criteria, such as:

  • automatic metrics of machine translation quality computed either on whole documents or single sentences
  • quality comparison of single sentence translation by highlighting confirmed, improving and worsening n-grams
  • summaries of the most improving and worsening n-grams for the whole document.

MT-ComparEval also plots a chart with absolute differences of metrics computed on single sentences and a chart with values obtained from paired bootstrap resampling.

This description is from


On the MT-ComparEval homepage you find also the installation instructions for MT-ComparEval, currently only available for Linux.

In addition to the installation instructions there, you can change the default server configuration of MT-ComparEval from localhost:8080 to whatever you want by changing this in the bin/ directly.

The server address http://localhost:8080 is the default configured URL for MT-ComparEval in translate5, this can be changed in translate5 config, see below.


In PHP must be enabled PDO with sqlite.


Config nameValuesDefaultDescription
runtimeOptions.plugins.MtComparEval.urlURLhttp://localhost:8080Base URL to the MT-ComparEval Tool, for format see default value


Adding the following line to your installation.ini enables debugging output for MtComparEval Plugin.

runtimeOptions.debug.plugin.MtComparEval = 1

Enabled debugging with the value 1 enables more verbose output of the communication between translate5 and MT-ComparEval.

Plug-In removed from translate5

The plug-in code was removed from the translate5, since the MtComparEval server was not running anymore with PHP7.

The code was removed from the translate5 repository in commit 962d3c1100b15f710af99d66265fda871c4d7862 on 18.04.2019.

The latest Plug-In code is also available here as ZIP file:

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