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CategoryTask import


Provides the usage of 'Globalese' MT system in translate5

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)


When creating a translate5 task, additional window wizard is provided where Globalese API specific parameters need to be selected(username and API key for authentication with 'Globalese' and engine used for segment pretranslation  ). The imported file/files will be converted to 'Globalese' specific file format and send to 'Globalese' for translation. When the files translation is done, the files will be downloaded and imported in translate5.


Configuration of the GlobalesePreTranslation Plug-In

Config nameTypeDefault valueDescription
runtimeOptions.plugins.GlobalesePreTranslation.api.usernamestring Username for Globalese API authentication
runtimeOptions.plugins.GlobalesePreTranslation.api.apiKeystring Api key for Globalese authentication
runtimeOptions.plugins.GlobalesePreTranslation.api.urlstring Url used for Globalese api
runtimeOptions.worker.editor_Plugins_GlobalesePreTranslation_Worker.maxParallelWorkersinteger1Max parallel running workers of the Globalese pre-translation worker
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