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InstantTranslate is a Google Translate-like interface component in translate5.

It enables the user to get instant translations, when typing in a Google Translate-like interface.

In difference to Google Translate InstantTranslate queries all language resources, that are known to translate5 and configured for the current user and client.

This means, also terminology DBs and Translation Memories are searched. And it means, confidential Machine Translation Resources, that a company uses can be used instead of Google.

InstantTranslate is a translate5 plug-in available only for companies in the community, that support the project with a support and development contract.

With Microsoft Translator as a Machine Translation resource for single words also alternative translations are shown.

The screenshots below show, how InstantTranslate works. 

Usage of InstantTranslate

For installation, activation and configuration of the InstantTranslate plug-in please see the plug-in page about InstantTranslate.

User rights and login

Once installed and activated, you have to assign the role "InstantTranslate" to a user in the system configuration. Afterwards this user is able to use it and will have an "InstantTranslate"-button in his translate5 main menu. If "InstantTranslate" and/or a translate5 TermPortal role are the only roles of this user, he will directly access InstantTranslate/TermPortal after login.

Usable language resources

All language resources that are available in translate AND that are assigned to a client in translate5 to which the current user belongs are available for the current user in InstantTranslate and are used for the requested translation.

Currently there is a restriction, that only language combinations are offered for translation, for which at least one machine translation resource is defined for one of the client(s) associated to the current user.

For translation of complete files the same order of language resources is used, as in general in translate5:

  • If there is a 100% match from terminology this match is used.
  • Else if there is a 100% match from translation memory this match is used.
  • Else the segment is translated by MT

Set character search limit by client

The limit how many characters can maximal be entered into the InstantTranslate source text field can be set by client. Currently this is only possible on database level in the table LEK_customer. Default is 100,000

Screenshots of InstantTranslate

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