Several of our client reviewers ask us about the "% finished". They wonder which status it monitors.

They typically say that they don't understand why the percentage of the status doesn't change while they progress with their review.

I have tried to figure out what the "% finished" exactly covers, but I cannot figure it out.

Would you please explain?

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      This column refers to how many segments of the task are actually touched in some way by the users, that are assigned to the current workflow step.

      So if a user just scrolls through the task, translate5 is not able to recognize, if the user actually did approve for example a segment in his review and did not open and save it, because there was no need. It could very well be, that he just did scroll through without reading anything.

      Therefore the "% finished" column only counts the segments, that have been actually saved by the current workflow user.

      It also does not count segments saved by the PM, since the PM is not part of the workflow.

      If a user acutally wants to see his real progress on a task, he is very welcome to open the segment, he currently reads and then press CTRL+ENTER to jump to the next unread one, when he finished - even if he did not change anything. This is just as quick in handling and working, as it is when you simply scroll through the task, but you get the progress saved.



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