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The search and Replace window provides controls to quickly find specific or partial text in accordance with defined search options, then replace that text with specified new text.


The search and replace window can be opened by selecting the Search and Replace option from the segment grid column header menu, or via translate5 shortcuts:

  • ctrl+f - open search and replace window with focus on the search tab
  • ctrl+h - open search and replace window with focus on the replace tab


  • Search for: Use this field to enter the text string that you want to search for. Either enter the full word or search for a partial string.

  • Replace: Use this field to enter the replacement text string. The entered text  will completely replace the resulting text string found (attention when using wildcards or regular expressions!!!)

  • Search in: Use this field to define on which translate5 column the search will be performed. In the replace tab only the editable columns are available.

  • Match case: Enable this option to perform a case-sensitive search, meaning the found text must match the case of the search text entered into the Search for field.

  • Search towards the top: Navigate towards the top of the segment grid when jumping to the next match

  • Use for search:
    • Normal search: Match the string given in the Search field
    • Wildcards: The string can contain the wildcard characters 
      • ? (single character) 
      • * (any group of characters)
    • Regular expression: The search string is interpreted as a MySQL regular expression (there are some MySQL regular expressions that are not supported by translate5. Contact the translate5 support team for more information).

  • Save segment on close: If checked (by default yes), the segment will be saved when is closed via search navigation

  • Search on locked segments: If checked, segments that are locked for editing are searched, too.
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