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If a user opened a task for editing, no other user can edit it as long as the session of the editing user is valid and he does not close the task.

Workflow Roles

The translate5 basic workflow knows three workflow roles: proofreader (first or only editor), translator (second editor, if needed), and visitor (not part of the workflow chain; can only view content).

Workflow Steps

The translate5 basic workflow knows two workflow steps:

  • "Proofreading" (1st step allocated by the role as an proofreader)
  • "checking of editing" (2nd Step allocated by the role as a translator)

It is possible to allocate only users with the role as an editor to a task in the workflow - then the second workflow step is omitted.

The role as a visitor is not allocated to any workflow step. It has no function in the workflow chain.

A user with the role as a project manager is able to open a task in the workflow for viewing at any time. He is able to edit any task, which is not currently opened by another user.

Workflow Status of Task Allocations

Each allocation of a user with a role to a workflow step has a workflow status. The translate5 basic workflow knows the following workflow statuses:

  • Open: The task can be currently processed by the user.
  • Waiting: The user can process the task as soon as it is his turn in the workflow (he can view it, though).
  • Finished: The user completed the processing of the task and thus cannot open it for processing anymore (he can view it, though).

The project manager is able to change each task allocation for each user at any time.

Workflow Status of Tasks

Regardless of workflow status of task allocations, a task in itself has a status in the workflow. This status is affecting the task allocations:

  • Open: The task can potentially be edited by users.
  • In process: A user is currently editing this task. Thus, it is inaccessible to all other users for processing, but open for viewing.
  • End: The project manager finished the task. Regardless of the status of their task allocations, the users are not able to edit the task anymore.

Workflow Chain

For the workflow chain see the corresponding document.

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