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Configure translate5 to use 2 termTaggers for imports and one for the GUI by executing the following SQL on your translate5 database

Code Block
UPDATE `Zf_configuration` SET `value` = config runtimeOptions.termTagger.url.default '["http://localhost:9001", "http://localhost:9002"]' WHERE `Zf_configuration`.`name` = ' config runtimeOptions.termTagger.url.default';
UPDATE `Zf_configuration` SET `value` = import '["http://localhost:9001", "http://localhost:9002"]' WHERE `Zf_configuration`.`name` = ' config runtimeOptions.termTagger.url.import';
UPDATE `Zf_configuration` SET `value` =gui '["http://localhost:9003"]' WHERE `Zf_configuration`.`name` = 'runtimeOptions.termTagger.url.gui';

Restart your termTagger, if you run termTagger as a service. With supervisord this would look like: