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Config nameValuesDefaultDescription

Using the config in the database:


list[""]DeepL Api Server; format: ["SCHEME://HOST:PORT"]

Using the config in the installation.ini

runtimeOptions.plugins.DeepL.authkeystring(put your api key here)The authentication key as found in your DeepL-account settings
Please note: Since translate5 is NOT a CAT-tool with a license-per-user model, translate5 uses the volume-based DeepL API, as agreed by the DeepL company..
You will need the "DeepL API" license key "for developers". Please see You pay a basic fee per month and on top a volume based fee.
runtimeOptions.plugins.DeepL.matchrateinteger70DeepL penalty value, used as default matchrate since in MT no matchrate is available

If you use the installation.ini to configure DeepL, the server entry must look like:

runtimeOptions.plugins.DeepL.server[] =