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This How-To shows you, how to update a translate5 installation which is set up as shown in the Simple translate5 windows installation How-To.

In general it should also work for translate5 windows installations, that have been set up manually.

Update the file tree and database structure


Update translate5

  1. Open the folder c:\xampp\htdocs\translate5document root folder of your translate5 installation
  2. Look for the file install-and-update.bat. If you find it, execute it with normal user rights
    1. If you call install-and-update.bat the first time, it creates a config file "windows-installer-config.ini" and stops execution. Please check the config file, if stored path to php.exe and mysql.exe are correct.
    2. If yes or if you have changed the paths, just call the install-and-update.bat again
    Skip this entire step 3, if you found install-and-update.bat. If you don't find it, your installation has been done, before the update has been developed. In that case proceed as follows
    1. Manually download translate5 update package from
    2. Extract the zip file
    3. Move the contents of the zip file (the folders \application\, \library\, \public\ and all other contents which are contained in the zip) to the folder c:\xampp\htdocs\translate5 and override the content it contains (respectively the folders \application\, \library\, \public\ and all other contents the directory contains).
    4. Excute c:\xampp\htdocs\translate5\install-and-update.bat with normal user rights (even though you manually downloaded, it is important to execute the updater. It downloads dependencies and updates the database structure).

The script is looking for file updates on translate5 update server. If there is a new version available, the package is downloaded and installed automatically.