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Update the file tree and database structure

Create a backup

Although our updates are well tested, we strongly recommend to make a backup of the whole application directory and the translate5 database. For standard windows installations they are located at c:\xampp\htdocs\translate5 and c:\xampp\mysql\data . 
Creating a backup is currently not part of this manual or the update script itself!

Update translate5

  1. Open the document root folder of your translate5 installation
  2. Look for the file install-and-update.bat. If you find it, execute it with normal user rights
    1. If you call install-and-update.bat the first time, it creates a config file "windows-installer-config.ini" and stops execution. Please check the config file, if stored path to php.exe and mysql.exe are correct.
    2. If yes or if you have changed the paths, just call the install-and-update.bat again

The script is looking for file updates on translate5 update server. If there is a new version available, the package is downloaded and installed automatically.

Database is also updated automatically.

Refresh Browser Window

Please ensure that you refresh your browser with translate5 loaded after the update. Press therefore <CTRL>-<F5>.

A simple page reload would not be sufficient, since some files are getting cached. A simple reload would not change these files after an update.

That's it. You are done. translate5 is up2date (smile)

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