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openTMStermTagger is not part of translate5, but translate5 builds on it to find and highlight terminology.

The script "" starts the openTMStermTagger server as shown in Server environment - configure from scratch.

Table of Contents

Control startup with supervisord (recommended way)

Since supervisord is recommended for the WebSocket Server of translate5, it makes sense to control the termtaggers (if they are on the same server) with supervisord too.

There fore use the latest termtagger delivered with translate5 install-and-update script. Add and modify the following example config, thats it.

For the reason why this is the recommended way see OpenTMSTermTagger - recommended setup.

Code Block
titletermtagger.ini for supervisord
directory               = /path/to/XliffTermTagger
command                 = /path/to/XliffTermTagger/ --supervisor http://localhost:900%(process_num)d
process_name            = termtagger_900%(process_num)s 
numprocs                = 2  ; → define here the amount of running termtagger processes
numprocs_start          = 2 ;to start from 9002 on 
autostart               = true
autorestart             = true
user                    = tlauria
stopsignal              = INT
stdout_logfile          = /var/log/supervisor/t5-termtagger-900%(process_num)s.log
stdout_logfile_maxbytes = 1MB
stderr_logfile          = /var/log/supervisor/t5-termtagger-900%(process_num)s-error.log
stderr_logfile_maxbytes = 1MB