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Integrate NEC-TM as LanguageResource.

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)

Please note

To use the NEC-TM translate5 plug-in you have to install NEC-TM itself as shown here. The NEC-TM translate5 plug-in only provides the connector between translate5 and NEC-TM, not NEC-TM itself.


  • For each translate5 instance only one set of NEC TM credentials is configured.
    1. username
    2. password
    3. a range of one or more top-level tags (these tags can only be set in the configuration on instance level of translate5)
  • All this data is passed on authentication of this translate5 instance with NEC TM and thus only TM data below the top-level tags can be accessed (plus all public data). To ensure this is in the responsibility of NEC TM.
  • On login and when the user enters the LanguageResources, translate5 queries NEC TM for all tags that can be accessed with the system credentials in NEC TM. The existing tags are saved in the translate5 DB. Tags that already exist in translate5 DB but do not exist any more in NEC TM are removed from the DB and from all language resource associations (current implementation: without any notification to the user or admin).
  • When a new NEC language resources is added in translate5, all tags are offered to choose from that translate5 in step 3 above has gotten from NEC TM.