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  1. Your application must be able to talk with translate5 via API to prepare users, tasks and task associations
    1. Create the users that should be able to work in translate5 via API
    2. Import the tasks into translate5 via API
    3. Associate users to tasks via API
    4. Provide a Link to the user, authenticated via API
  2. The translate5 instance must be configured to be in editor only mode
    1. Change ViewPort by config:
      Set the Zf_configuration value with the name value runtimeOptions.editor.editorViewPort to Editor.view.ViewPortSingle
    2. remove not needed ACLs
  3. Create your own skin

Implement interaction buttons in the custom header

In the header of translate5 there are should be buttons to interact with translate5. These are typically:

As alternative translate5 provides there fore some a simple JavaScript class to interact with translate5.Therefore exists the class:

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