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translate5 is made for easy integration with other systems.

Integration with other tools is very simple.

Triggering every feature via API

Every feature that can triggered via the GUI (graphical user interface) can also be triggered via REST-API.

Using only the editor of translate5

In addition it is possible to use translate5 in editor-only mode. This mode allows, to directly open a translation or reviewing task in the editor of translate5 via a link from another application or from an e-mail. Please see the SessionController of translate5's REST-API and editor only for more information.

Integrating language resources

Translation memory engines or machine translation engines that have an API can be integrated with translate5 as language resources. This way they are queried for translation matches, when a user openes a segment for editing in translate5. 

Changing the layout

The skinning feature of translate5 allows, to easily change all the pages of translate5, that are outside of the login area regarding content and layout.

In addition it allows to easily change the layout and content of the header area within the login area. For details see "Implement a custom translate5 skin".

Contact us

Installations require detailed knowledge about the application. Every integration is very easy with translate5. In case of any questions, please contact us.

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