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Config nameValuesDefaultDescription



NEC-TM Api Server; format: ["SCHEME://HOST:PORT"]

By default the port to be used is 27979

runtimeOptions.plugins.NecTm.credentialslist[]Credentials (licenses) to the NEC-TM API; format: ["username:password"]
runtimeOptions.plugins.NecTm.topLevelCategoriesIdslist[]These top-level categories (NEC-TM calls them tags) are always send to NEC-TM in addition to the categories defined with your current NEC-TM language resource. So if you set a category here, for all NEC-TM language resources that you create in your translate5 instance only segments will be send for your queries, that contain the categories, that are set here. This definition can stay empty.
Enter the NEC-TM's tag-ids here, not their tag-names! Example: ["tag391","tag840"].
runtimeOptions.worker.editor_Plugins_NecTm_Worker.maxParallelWorkersinteger3Max parallel running workers of the NEC-TM-categories-synchronization worker