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CategorySegment Edit Helper


Use SDL Trados GroupShare as LanguageResource while editing a segment in translate5.

Bootstrap Class

Paid plug-in (
delivered with translate5 core
please contact MittagQI)

Basic usage

translate5 can integrate SDL Trados GroupShare-TMs as LanguageResource for editing a segment.


Please note: All translate5-users who want to use the GroupShare-credentials that are given here are required to use the same translate5 instance.

Config nameValuesDefaultDescription
runtimeOptions.plugins.GroupShare.WebAPI.serverlist[ ]GroupShare Web Api Server, example: [""]
runtimeOptions.plugins.GroupShare.TMService.serverlist[ ]GroupShare Translation Memory Service, example: [""]
runtimeOptions.plugins.GroupShare.credentialslist[ ]List of credentials (licenses) to the GroupShare API. One credential entry looks like: "username:password"