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Create new term

RequestPOST /editor/term
ParamscollectionId Required. ID of TermCollection that new term should be created in See filterWindow.collections in Client app setup data response

language Required. Rfc5646-code of a new term's language. See langAll[*].value in Client app setup data response

term Required. Term text itself. String.

note Required if runtimeOptions.termportal.commentAttributeMandatory config is On. String.

termEntryId Optional. ID of termEntry, which new term should be attached under. If not given - new termEntry will be created.
    "query": "test term",        // Same as given by term-param
    "language": "5",             // Language is returned as ID despite given as rfc5646
    "collectionIds": "82",       // Same as given by collectionId-param
    "termId": "607616",          // ID of created term
    "termEntryId": "92182",      // ID of created termEntry, or existing termEntry where new term was attached into
    "termTbxId": "id7657b259-6393-45fa-b53d-7e857d4882aa",
    "termEntryTbxId": "idaec78c6d-ea4b-46ab-bd84-9afa4070ecca"

Create proposal for existing term

RequestPUT /editor/term
ParamstermId Required. ID of existing term, for proposal to be created for

proposal Optional. If not given, the existing proposal will be deleted, so existing term will be kept with no proposal
    "updated": "Pavel Perminov, 06.05.2022 20:47:28 ",
    "proposal": "polig1",
    "processStatus": "unprocessed"

Delete term

RequestDELETE /editor/term
ParamstermId Required. ID of term to be deleted

Response contains isLast-property, indicating whether deleted term was the last having it's language, or last for the whole termEntry

    "isLast": "(false|language|entry)",                 // Whether deleted term was the last within it's language/entry
    "modified": "Pavel Perminov, 06.05.2022 20:59:07"
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