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If the API changes in an incompatible manner this is listed explicitly in the "important release notes" section of each releases changelog.

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The VisualReview process is triggered automatically on translate5 task import. The file convertion-worker which will merge multiple source files to one file and convert this file to html file, and segmentation worker proccess which will link the target segment to its corresponding content in layout, are part of the import proccess.

Preconditions for the VisualReview to be started are:

  • The VisualReview Plug-In must be active
  • The layout files must be provided inside a zip package (in new folder in the zip import package called "visualReview". This folder is on the same level as the "workfiles" folder) or from the file upload field in the task creation form (there is a special field for this purpose)
  • The layout file(s) must contain all content, that is contained in the bilingual data (SDLXLIFF, OpenTM2 xliff, etc.).

Special Task Import Parameter

The visual review adds the following parameters to the task import:






Adds a (single) file as the source for the visual review. If the import zip already contains a "visualReview" folder with review sources this file will be added to the ones provided in the zip.

Filetype can be "pdf" or "html"


An URL to a website that will be taken as a source for the visual review.The URL will be downloaded with all linked ressources. Overwrites any sources provided via "visualReview" or in the import package.

The provided URL has to be fully qualified like "" and has to be accessible without login etc.



( source | target ) Defines, if the visual review is mapped to the source or target of the segments. Defaults to "source".

Provides access to the segment mapping for the pages of a review-file of a task (relevant for PDF based reviews only)

Available Methods:GET
Specialities:return all mapped segment for the given pages
Contact MittagQI if you have interest for this feature.

Provides access to the In-Context Fonts of all visual reviews



Available Methods:GET, PUT

GET: sort, filter, page, start, limit

PUT: id, format, fontfile


return all fonts used for the visual reviews,

add a font-file (woff) for a used font

Contact MittagQI if you have interest for this feature.
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