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This document the state "draft" !!!

If you need an event in translate5, that is not listed here, please contact

Automatic events

Automatic events are defined in some global (basic ??) tranlate5 classes. For the events-names variables or automatisms are used. On that way a lot of internal trigger-points are generated on the fly.

        public function preDispatch()
            $eventName = "before".ucfirst($this->_request->getActionName())."Action";
            $this->events->trigger($eventName, $this);

will define an "beforeControllerAction"-event for each an every controller. For the default IndexController of the Editor-Modul this will lead to an event Editor_IndexController#beforeIndexAction


defined in /library/ZfExtended/Controllers/Action.php  will trigger an event on each and every controller. The different controllers are named in the following list as Controllername which are Index, Login etc.

  • beforeActionnameAction with parameter 'controller' containing the controller on Zend preDispatch
  • afterActionnameAction with parameter $this->view on Zend postDispatch


  • beforeActionnameAction with the following parameters:
    • entity: $this->entity
    • params: all parameters
    • controller: the controller instance
  • afterSetDataInEntity with the following parameters:
    • entity: $this->entity
  • beforeSetDataInEntity with the following parameters:
    • entity: $this->entity
    • data: $this->data
  • afterActionnameAction with the following parameters:
    • entity: $this->entity
    • view: $this->view


  • beforeSave with parameter array('entity' => $this), on every save as first function. !!! be careful on overwritten methods to call parent::save() in first place or to take care of events !!!



  • doReopen
  • doEnd
  • doConfirm (getting status "open" coming from status "unconfirmed")


  • beforeFinish
  • doUnfinish
  • beforeOpen
  • doOpen
  • beforeView
  • doView
  • beforeEdit
  • doEdit
  • beforeFinish
  • doFinish
  • beforeWait
  • doWait


  • beforePutSave with parameter array('entity' => $this->entity), used in function putAction() after normal processing before saving the entity (= the segment)


  • afterTaskOpen with parameter array('task' => $this->entity, 'view' => $this->view, 'openState' => the opened state), used after the task was registered in the session
  • afterTaskClose with parameter array('task' => $this->entity, 'view' => $this->view), used after the task was unregistered / removed from the session


  • afterPost#(Language Resources service name)
    • fired after language resource to task association is created (post action). The event name contains the language resources service name (ex: when TermCollection is assigned as language resource to the task the event name will be 'afterPost#TermCollection' )
  • afterDelete#(Language Resources service name)
    • fired after language resource to task association is removed (delete action). Example of full event name when the language resoure is OpenTM2 → afterDelete#OpenTM2


  • importWorkerQueued is fired after the Import Worker is queued (but not started yet). Parameter: 'task' => editor_Models_Task, 'workerId' => integer
  • afterImport is fired after parsing the data and storing the segments in DB. Parameter: 'task' => editor_Models_Task, 'parentWorkerId' => integer, 'importConfig' => editor_Models_Import_Configuration
  • importCompleted is fired after all import plugins were run, defines the end of import. Parameter: 'task' => editor_Models_Task


  • process: is fired in processing the segment before it is first saved to the DB. Parameter: 'segment' => editor_Models_Segment, 'segmentAttributes' => editor_Models_Import_FileParser_SegmentAttributes, 'importConfig' => editor_Models_Import_Configuration

All other SegmentProcessors may follow with a process event.


  • beforeDirectoryParsing is fired before directory parsing of workfiles file. Parameter: 'importFolder' => string, 'task' => editor_Models_Task, 'workerParentId' => parent worker id of the filetree worker
  • afterDirectoryParsing is fired after directory parsing of workfiles files but before further processing of the files. Parameters: 'importFolder' => string, 'task' => editor_Models_Task, 'filelist' => array (fileIds to file paths), 'workerParentId' => parent worker id of the filetree worker


  • afterExport is fired after exporting the data to a folder on the disk, also on ZIP export. Parameter: 'task' => editor_Models_Task, 'parentWorkerId' => integer
    triggered only for export in the original imported format, is not triggered for xliff2 export.


  • exportCompleted is fired after all export steps (inclusive all export workers) are finished. Parameter: 'task' => editor_Models_Task, 'parameters' => array, the initial parameters given to the worker


  • afterMailViewInit is fired after the view for rendering the mail templates is initialized. Parameter: 'view' => Zend_View

Handmade events

Handmade events are spezial events wich are defined direct in the code. No automatic definition is used while trigger.

At the moment there are no handmade events.

Recomendend Best-Practice for using events in classes

Because Zend has a special class for static (global) events, best-pratice to use events in a class is:


  • use a protected variable $events to hold the event(-trigger)-object
  • initialize $this->events in the class-constructor
  • parameter should be send in an named-array 'name' => $value

     * @var ZfExtended_EventManager
    protected $events = false;

    public function __construct() {
        $this->events = ZfExtended_Factory::get('ZfExtended_EventManager', array(get_class($this)));

    public function doSomething(){
        $this->events->trigger("eventName", $this, array('model' => $this, 'moreParam' => $moreParams));


  • use a protected variable $staticEvents to hold the event(-listener)-Object.
  • initialize $this->staticEvents in the class-constructor
  • define all event-listeners in the class-constructor
  • if handler use a event-parameter which is an object make a var-definition-comment so the IDE autocomplete can work correct

     * @var Zend_EventManager_StaticEventManager
    protected $staticEvents = false;

    public function __construct(){
        $this->staticEvents = Zend_EventManager_StaticEventManager::getInstance();
        $this->staticEvents->attach('classNameTriggerClass', 'eventName', array($this, 'handleEvent'));

    public function handleEvent(Zend_EventManager_Event $event) {
        // do something on event "eventName" with parameters send within event-trigger
        $model = $event->getParam('model');
        /* @var $model nameOfTheModelClass */ // to trigger IDE
        $moreParams = $event->getParam('moreParams');

Trigger and Listen in one class

If you use two different class-variables $events and $staticEvents you can combine event-triggering and event-listening in one class without problems.

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