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TRANSLATE-2613: Add Locaria Logo to Website and App
Added Locaria logo to the app

TRANSLATE-2076: Define analysis fuzzy match ranges
The ranges of the match rates for the analysis can now be defined in the configuration: runtimeOptions.plugins.MatchAnalysis.fuzzyBoundaries


TRANSLATE-2652: Add keyboard short-cuts for Accept/Reject TrackChanges
ENHANCEMENT: Keyboard Shortcuts for TrackChanges accept/reject feature

TRANSLATE-2625: Solve tag errors automatically on export
Internal Tag Errors (faulty structure) will be fixed automatically when exporting a task: Orphan opening/closing tags will be removed, structurally broken tag pairs will be corrected. The errors in the task itself will remain.


TRANSLATE-2681: Language naming mismatch regarding the chinese languages
The languages zh-Hans and zh-Hant were missing. Currently zh-CN was named "Chinese simplified", this is changed now to Chinese (China).

TRANSLATE-2680: Okapi empty target fix was working only for tasks with editable source
The Okapi export fix TRANSLATE-2384 was working only for tasks with editable source. Now it works in general. Also in case of an export error, the XLF in the export zip was named as original file (so file.docx was containing XLF). This is changed, so that the XLF is named now file.docx.xlf). Additionally a export-error.txt is created which explains the problem.

TRANSLATE-2679: Microsoft translator connection language code mapping is not case insensitive
Microsoft translator returns zh-Hans for simplified Chinese, we have configured zh-hans in our language table. Therefore the language can not be used. This is fixed now.

TRANSLATE-2672: UI theme selection may be wrong if system default is not triton theme
The users selected theme may be resetted to triton theme instead to the system default theme.

TRANSLATE-2664: Fix TermPortal client-specific favicon and CSS usage
The technical possibilities to customize the TermPortal layout were not fully migrated from the old termportal.

TRANSLATE-2658: Wrong tag numbering between source and target in imported MemoQ XLF files
For MemoQ XLF files it may happen that tag numbering between source and target was wrong. This is corrected now.

TRANSLATE-2657: Missing term roles for legacy admin users
Activate the term portal roles for admin users not having them.

TRANSLATE-2656: Notify associated users checkbox is not effective
The bug is fixed where the "notify associated users checkbox" in the import wizard does not take effect when disabled.

TRANSLATE-2592: Reduce and by default hide use of TrackChanges in the translation step
Regarding translation and track changes: changes are only recorded for pre-translated segments and changes are hidden by default for translators (and can be activated by the user in the view modes drop-down of the editor)

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