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Important Notes:

This release contains a major bugfix for instances having disabled sub languages in the TermPortal.


TRANSLATE-2637: Warn regarding merging terms
Warning message will be shown when using merge terms functionality in term collection import/re-import

TRANSLATE-2630: Add language resource name to language resource pop-up - same for projects
Improves info messages and windows titles in language resources, project and task overview.


TRANSLATE-2661: Creating empty OpenTM2 language resources does not work anymore
Creating empty OpenTM2 language resources does not work anymore, this is fixed. 

TRANSLATE-2597: Set resource usage log lifetime by default to 30 days
This will set the default lifetime days for resources usage log configuration to 30 days when there is no value set.

TRANSLATE-2528: Instant-translate and Term-portal route after login
Fixed problems accessing TermPortal / InstantTranslate with external URLs.

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