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Follow that manual only when using VisualReview!

With version 6.0.0 the headless browser container is replaced with a different container.

Docker Compose users

If you are using docker compose to manage the translate5 containers, add the following section to your docker-compose.visual.yml file:

        image: ${CONTAINER_REGISTRY_BASE}/visualconverter

And to your docker-compose.production.yml file

        restart: always

And remove the in both files the "visualbrowser" section!!!

Update dependencies in php service section in docker-compose.yml - if existing

In the php service visualbrowser may be listed as dependency, this must be changed to visualconverter then.

After that call:

docker compose up -d

to update the containers. Check if some remaining old containers / images must be removed manually.

Test Translate5 configuration

Translate5 should be preconfigured for that container. Change to the translate5 container and call system check:

docker compose exec db phpt5 system:check

The result of the system:check should look like:

Legacy (non docker) installations - using docker for visual review only

In legacy installations just migrated the visual containers the following new container must be started. The old visualbrowser container must be removed manually.

New docker container and local DNS configuration

# with the execution (and download) of the following docker containers you agree the licenses of the software in the containers! 
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name visualconverter -p translate5/visualconverter
echo "       visualconverter" >> /etc/hosts

Remove old visualbrowser

Remove all containers and /etc/hosts entries related to visualbrowser

Test Translate5 configuration

See the same section above for Docker compose users - it should look the same for legacy installations.

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