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Available since translate5 version: 2.6.16

The here described functionality is currently only available for the linux version of the script ( The parameters are currently not working under windows (install-and-update.bat)!

Usage of

Called without any parameter

Updates the current installation with the latest publicly available release of translate5.

Called with the path to ZIP file as parameter

The ZIP file given as first parameter must be a valid translate5 release file!

The installation is updated with the content of the given ZIP file, instead of using the public release.



Caution: It is important to always run the installer with the rights of your webserver.

So in a typical Ubuntu setup a typical update process could look like the following code snippet:

sudo -u www-data ./ --maintenance 14:00 "Reason for maintenance: Translate5 Update"
wget  #this path is just an example, you get the right path from translate5s development team, if you are not using the public release package

If you run the update commands erroneously as root, ensure that you run "chown -R www-data:www-data . " afterwards, so that all files belong again to the webserver user.

Now wait until the time for maintenance you did set is reached and then call the following (omit the path to the zip, if you use the public update package - it will be fetched automatically from the web then)

sudo -u www-data ./ /home/ubuntu/
sudo -u www-data ./ --maintenance off

Called with the following parameters

The script does some maintenance tasks as listed below:

--helpShows the latest usage information, basically the same information as on this page.

Shows some status information about the current installation, to decide if maintenance mode is needed or not.

For example how many users are currently logged in.

--maintenanceShows maintance mode status
--maintenance TIMESet the start of maintenance to TODAY TIME, TIME must be in format 13:47
--maintenance TIME "MESSAGE WITH QUOTES"Same as above, but sets additionally a freetext message shown to the user. The quotes surround the message are important.
--maintenance offDisables maintenance, must be used after maintenance since there is no automatic maintenance stop functionality.

--announceMaintenance TIME "MESSAGE WITH QUOTES"

Sends an email to specific users (by default the admin users) to announce the maintence mode at the given TIME with the additional MESSAGE.


The group(s) of receivers can be set in the configuration.

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