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[5.5.0] - 2021-09-30

Important Notes:

A complete backup is highly recommended before this update!


All user-set themes different from "thriton" or "arria" are set to the translate5 default theme: thriton. From now on, there are only 2 available themes in the dropdown: Dark theme (Aria) and Default theme (Triton)

TRANSLATE-1405 - new TermPortal

Due the new TermPortal all terminology data is migrated to a new database structure, this may run a long time depending on the size of the term databases. The progress can be watched in the transalte5 system log.

The config values runtimeOptions.tbx.termLabelMap.* are merged into one config runtimeOptions.tbx.termLabelMap

The config values runtimeOptions.tbx.termImportMap.* (which maps custom to valid TBX term status value) are moved into a own configuration table. If the previoulsy confiuration was completly in DB all is fine, conversion is done automatically. If such config was still/again in installation.ini, then migratation must be done by hand. Unknown status values are logged on TBX import.

In order to use the new TermPortal the corresponding plugin must be activated via CLI command: ./ plugin:enable TermPortal


TRANSLATE-2302: Accept and reject TrackChanges
Plugin TrackChanges

  • added capabilities for the editor, to accept/reject changes from preceiding workflow-steps
  • reduced tracking of changes in the translation step, only pretranslated segments are tracked
  • by default, TrackChanges is invisible in the translation step
  • the visibility of changes is normally reduced to the changes of the preceiding workflow steps
  • the visibility and capability to accept/reject for the editor can be set via the user assocciations on the task and customer level

TRANSLATE-1405: TermPortal as terminology management solution
Introduced the brand new TermPortal, now completely usable as terminology management solution.


TRANSLATE-2629: Integrate beo-proposals for German names of standard tbx attributes
Term-portal improvement UI names of standard TBX attributes

TRANSLATE-2625: Solve tag errors automatically on export
Internal Tag Errors (faulty structure) will be fixed automatically when exporting a task: Orphan opening/closing tags will be removed, structurally broken tag pairs will be corrected. The errors in the task itself will remain.

TRANSLATE-2623: Move theme switch button and language switch button in settings panel
The drop-down for switching the translate5 language and translate5 theme is moved under "Preferences" ->"My settings" tab.

TRANSLATE-2622: CLI video in settings help window
Integrate CLI video in preferences help page.

TRANSLATE-2611: Check Visual Review URLs before downloading them if they are accessible
Added additional check for Visual Review URLs if the URL is accessible before downloading it to improve the logged error


TRANSLATE-2621: Logging task specific stuff before task is saved leads to errors
In seldom cases it may happen that task specific errors should be logged in the time before the task was first saved to DB, this was producing a system error on processing the initial error and the information about the initial error was lost.

TRANSLATE-2618: Rename tooltips for next segment in translate5
Improves tooltip text in editor meta panel segment navigation.

TRANSLATE-2614: Correct translate5 workflow names of complex workflow
Improve the step names and translations of the complex workflow

TRANSLATE-2612: Job status changes from open to waiting on deadline change
If the deadline of a job in a task is changed, the status of the job changes from "open" to "waiting". This is fixed.

TRANSLATE-2609: Import of MemoQ comments fails
HOTFIX: MemoQ comment parsing produces corrupt comments with single comment nodes. Add Exception to the base parsing API to prevent usage of negative length's

TRANSLATE-2603: Browser does not refresh cache for maintenance page
It could happen that users were hanging in the maintenance page - depending on their proxy / cache settings. This is solved now.

TRANSLATE-2602: msg is not defined
Fixed a ordinary programming error in the frontend message bus.

TRANSLATE-2601: role column is not listed in workflow mail
The role was not shown any more in the notification e-mails if a task was assigned to users.

TRANSLATE-2599: reviewer can not open associated task in read-only mode
If a user with segment ranges tries to open a task read-only due workflow state waiting or finished this was resulting in an error.

TRANSLATE-2598: Layout Change Logout
Changing translate5 theme will no longer logout the user.

TRANSLATE-2591: comments of translate no segments are not exported anymore
comments of segments with translate = no were not exported any more, this is fixed now.

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