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Important Notes:

TRANSLATE-2570 FIX must not be applied when imports are running

TRANSLATE-2564 FIX must not be applied when imports are running

TRANSLATE-2416 In order to use (set to a user) the new role PM-light, the admin or PM has to re-login and reload the application.


TRANSLATE-2580: Add segment length check to AutoQA
AutoQA now incorporates a check of the(pixel based) segment-length

TRANSLATE-2416: Create PM-light system role
A new role PM-light is created, which may only administrate its own projects and tasks and has no access to user management or language resources management.


TRANSLATE-2586: Check the URLs in the reviewHtml.txt file for the visual
ENHANCEMENT: Warn and clean visual source URLs that can not be imported because they have a fragment "#" ENHANCEMENT: Skip duplicates and clean URLs in the reviewHtml.txt file

TRANSLATE-2583: Save config record instead of model sync
Code improvements in the configuration overview grid.


TRANSLATE-2589: Exclude meta data of images for word files by default
By default translate5 will now not extract any more meta data of images, that are embedded in MS Word files.

TRANSLATE-2587: Improve error logging
Improves error messages in instant-translate.

TRANSLATE-2585: Evaluate auto_set_role acl for OpenID authentications
All missing mandatory translate roles for users authentication via SSO will be automatically added.

TRANSLATE-2584: Across XLF with translate no may contain invalid segmented content
Across XLF may contain invalid segmented content for not translatable (not editable) segments. This is fixed by using the not segment content in that case.

TRANSLATE-2570: AutoQA checks blocked segments / finds unedited fuzzy errors in unedited bilingual segments
ENHANCEMENT: blocked segments will no longer be evaluated in the quality-management, only if they have structural internal tag-errors they will appear in a new category for this FIX: Missing internal tags may have been detected in untranslated empty segments FIX: Added task-name & guid to error-logs regarding structural internal tag errors FIX: Quality-Management is now bound to a proper ACL FIX: Re-establish proper layout of action icons in Task-Grid

TRANSLATE-2564: Do not render MQM-Tags parted by overlappings
FIX: MQM-Tags now are visualized with overlappings unresolved (not cut into pieves)

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