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Important Notes:


The task usageMode can now be set via API on task creation (not as mentioned in the issue before via config).


TRANSLATE-2518: Add project description to project and tasks
A project description can be added on project creation.

TRANSLATE-2477: Language resource to task assoc: Set default for pre-translation and internal-fuzzy options in system config
Default values for "internal fuzzy", "translate MT" and "translate TM and Term" checkboxes can be defined as system configuration configuration (overwritable on client level).

TRANSLATE-992: New Keyboard shortcuts for process / cancel repetition editor
Adding keyboard shortcuts to save (ctrl+s) or cancel (esc) the processing of repetitions in the repetition editor.


TRANSLATE-2566: Integrate Theme-Switch in translate5
Users are able to change the translate5 theme.

TRANSLATE-2381: Visual: Enhance the reflow mechanism for overlapping elements
Visual: Improved Text-Reflow. This signifantly reduces the rate of PDFs that cannot be imported with a functional WYSIWIG preview. There now is a threshhold for detected reflow-rendering errors that can be raised for individual tasks that had to many errors on Imp ort as a last ressort. Although that will rarely be neccessary.

TRANSLATE-1808: Installer should set the timezone
The installer always set timezone europe/berlin, know the user is asked on installation which timezone should be used.


TRANSLATE-2581: Task user assoc workflow step drop-down filtering
If a user was added twice to a task, and the workflow step of the second user was changed to the same step of the first user, this led to a duplicated key error message.

TRANSLATE-2578: Reload users to task association grid after task import finishes
Refresh users to task association grid after the task import is done.

TRANSLATE-2576: Notify associated user button does not work
Fixes problem with "Notify users" button not sending emails.

TRANSLATE-2575: System default configuration on instance or client level has no influence on Multiple user setting in import wizard
The default value for the "multiple user" setting drop-down was not correctly preset from config.

TRANSLATE-2573: User assignment entry disappears in import wizard, when pre-assigned deadline is changed
Edited user association in import wizard was disappearing after switching the workflow.

TRANSLATE-2571: ERROR in core: E9999 - TimeOut on waiting for the following materialized view to be filled
There was a problem when editing a default associated user of a task in the task add wizard. This is fixed now.

TRANSLATE-2568: ModelFront plug-in is defect and prevents language resource usage
The ModelFront plug-in was defect and stopped match analysis and pre-translation from working.

TRANSLATE-2567: TagProtection can not deal with line breaks in HTML attributes
When using TagProtection (protect plain HTML code in XLF as tags) line breaks in HTML attributes were not probably resolved.

TRANSLATE-2565: GroupShare: Wrong tag order using the groupshare language resource
Nested internal tags were restored in wrong order if using a segment containing such tags from the groupshare language resource.

TRANSLATE-2546: New uuid column of match analysis is not filled up for existing analysis
The new uuid database column of the match analysis table is not filled up for existing analysis.

TRANSLATE-2544: Focus new project after creating it
After task/project creation the created project will be focused in the project overview

TRANSLATE-2525: npsp spaces outside of mrk-tags of mtype "seg" should be allowed
Due to invalid XLIFF from Across there is a check in import, that checks, if there is text outside of mrk-tags of mtype "seg" inside of seg-source or target tags. Spaces and tags are allowed, but nbsp characters were not so far. This is changed and all other masked whitespace tags are allowed to be outside of mrk tags too.

TRANSLATE-2388: Ensure config overwrite works for "task usage mode"
The task usageMode can now be set via API on task creation.

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