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Important Notes:


These changes must not be applied with running imports!


  • The usage of at least PHP >= 7.4 is mandatory now! (PHP 8 is not yet supported).
  • The field role on associating a user to a task is deprecated. Use the field workflowStepName instead.
    This change is downwards compatible and creates a warning on further usage of the role field. See Task User Associations.


The form field group "Auto-Assignment" based on languages in the user management is removed completely.
If you now want to pre-define, if a user should be assigned to a task automatically, please use the new very extended mechanisms in the client management panel.
Existing pre-definitions are NOT migrated.

The OpenID-Connect configuration is moved into a separate tab.


TRANSLATE-2081: Preset of user to task assignments
Provides the functionality to configure auto-assignment of users to tasks on client configuration level, filtered by language, setting the to be used user and workflow step.


TRANSLATE-2545: Flexibilize workflow by putting role and step definitions in database
The definition of all available workflow steps and roles is now stored in the database instead in a fixed workflow class. A new complex workflow is added for demonstration purposes and usage if wanted.

TRANSLATE-2516: Add user column to Excel language resource usage log
The spreadsheet with the usage log of language resources is extended with a user column, that shows, who actually did the request.


TRANSLATE-2563: Adjust texts that connect analysis and locking of 100%-Matches
Adjust texts that connect analysis and locking of 100%-Matches.

TRANSLATE-2560: Combination of term-tagging and enabled source editing duplicates tags on saving a segment, AutoQA removes/merges TrackChanges from different Users
FIXED BUG in the TermTagger leading to duplication of internal tags when source editing was activated^M FIXED BUG in the AutoQA leading to TrackChanges tags from different users being merged

TRANSLATE-2557: Select correct okapi file filter for txt-files by default
By default the file format conversion used for txt-files the okapi-filter "moses-text". In this filter xml-special characters like & < > where kept in encoded version when the file was reconverted back to txt after export from translate5. This was wrong. Now the default was changed to the okapi plain-text filter, what handles the xml-special chars correctly.

TRANSLATE-2547: Clean-up project tasks
Deleting a project deletes all files from database but not from disk. This is fixed.

TRANSLATE-2536: Task Configuration Panel does show old Values after Import
FIX: Task Qualities & Task Configuration panels now update their view automatically after import to avoid outdated date is being shown

TRANSLATE-2533: Line breaks in InstantTranslate are deleted
InstantTranslate dealing of line breaks is fixed.

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