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Important Notes:

This release contains important Hotfixes for the releases 5.2.0 / 5.2.1 / 5.2.2!


TRANSLATE-2556: PHP Error Specified column previousOrigin is not in the row
This error was triggered in certain circumstances by the import of SDLXLIFF files containing empty origin information.

TRANSLATE-2555: XML errors in uploaded TMX files are not shown properly in the TM event log
The XML error was logged in the system log, but was not added to the specific log of the TM. This is changed now so that the PM can see what is wrong.

TRANSLATE-2554: BUG TermTagger Worker: Workers are scheduled exponentially
FIXED: Bug in TermTagger Worker leads to scheduling workers exponentially what causes database deadlocks

TRANSLATE-2552: Typos in translate5
Fixes couple of typos in translate5 locales

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