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Important Notes:


The "Complete task?" text in the pop-up dialog was changed since it was confusing.


Attention: The numbers exported by this new feature are only collected from the point in time onwards, when translate5 is updated to the release with this feature. To configure log auto clean, define how many days the log should stay in the database in runtimeOptions.LanguageResources.usageLogger.logLifetime.


TRANSLATE-1484: Count translated characters by MT engine and customer
Enables language resources usage log and statistic export.


TRANSLATE-2407: Embed new configuration help window
The brand-new help videos about the configuration possibilities are available now and embedded in the application as help pop-up.

TRANSLATE-2402: Remove rights for PMs to change instance defaults for configuration
The PM will not longer be able to modify instance level configurations, only admin users may do that.

TRANSLATE-2379: Workflow mails: Show only changed segments
Duplicating TRANSLATE-1979


TRANSLATE-2406: Translated text is not replaced with translation but concatenated
FIX: Solved problem where the Live editing did not remove the original text completely when replacing it with new contents

TRANSLATE-2403: Visual Review: Images are missing, the first Image is not shown in one Iframe
FIX: A downloaded Website for the Visual Review may not show responsive images when they had a source set defined FIX: Elements with a background-image set by inline style in a downloaded website for the Visual Review may not show the background image FIX: Some images were not shown either in the original iframe or the WYSIWIG iframe in a Visual Review ENHANCEMENT: Focus-styles made the current page hard to see in the Visual Review pager

TRANSLATE-2401: DeepL formality fallback
Formality will be set to "default" for resources with unsupported target languages.

TRANSLATE-2396: Diverged GUI and Backend version after update
The user gets an error message if the version of the GUI is older as the backend - which may happen after an update in certain circumstances. Normally this is handled due the usage of the maintenance mode.

TRANSLATE-2391: "Complete task?". Text in dialog box is confusing.
The "Complete task?" text in the pop-up dialog was changed since it was confusing.

TRANSLATE-2390: TermImport plug-in matches TermCollection name to non-Termcollection-type languageresources
The termImport plug-in imports a TBX into an existing termCollection, if the name is the same as the one specified in the plug-in config file. Although the language resource type was not checked, so this led to errors if the found language resource was not of type term collection.

TRANSLATE-1979: Do not list "changes" of translator in mail send after finish of translation step
The changed segments will not longer be listed in the notification mails after translation step is finished - since all segments were changed here.

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