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Important Notes:


VERY IMPORTANT: The configuration of translate5 is changed fundamentally. The installation.ini is cleaned up to the values which are intended to be there: Basic DB, Mailing and Logging configuration. All other configurations made in the installation.ini are adopted automatically into the database based configuration, now maintainable via the GUI or the translate5 CLI command. A backup of the installation.ini will be made as installation.ini.bak for reference, since comments and out-commented configurations are not taken over.
For CSV Users: For config "runtimeOptions.import.csv.fields.mid" the "value" and the "default" are changed to "id" (default/value was mid). For the config "runtimeOptions.import.csv.fields.source" the "value" and "default" are changed to source (default/value was quelle).


For CSV file importers: the protection of HTML tags in the CSV content is now configurable (tag protection config) and is disabled by default.


For API Users: ensure that the changed filename has no effect on your api usage. The URL for downloading remains the same.


Important for users which are using an own task administration: test if the integration works, if not the samesite cookie config in application.ini must be removed and this issue reopened!


The usage of the task template is not supported any more after the release of this issue. Instead the configurations that so far had been supported by the task template now can be made in the system configuration in the GUI and can be customized/overwritten on client level and task-import level. As fallback a task-config.ini file can be placed in the import package, containing task-configuration in an INI style: = value.


TRANSLATE-2385: introduce user login statistics
Now the login usage of the users is tracked in the new Zf_login_log table.

TRANSLATE-2374: Time of deadlines also visible in grid columns and notification mails
The date-time is now visible in the translate5 interface for date fields(if the time is relevant for this date field), and also in the mail templates.

TRANSLATE-2362: HTML / XML tag protection of tags in any kind of file format
XLF and CSV files can now contain HTML content (CSV: plain, XLF: encoded), the HTML tags are protected as internal tags. This must be enabled in the config for the affected tasks.

TRANSLATE-471: Overwrite system config by client and task
Adds possibility to overwrite system configuration on 4 different levels: system, client, task import and task overwrite,


TRANSLATE-2368: Add segment matchrate to Xliff 2 export as translate5 namespaced element
Each segment in the xliff 2 export will have the segment matchrate as translate5 namespace attribute.

TRANSLATE-2357: introduce DeepL config switch "formality"
The "formality" deepl api flag now is available as task import config. More about the formality flag:

Sets whether the translated text should lean towards formal or informal language. This feature currently works for all target languages except "EN" (English), "EN-GB" (British English), "EN-US" (American English), "ES" (Spanish), "JA" (Japanese) and "ZH" (Chinese). Possible options are: "default" (default) "more" - for a more formal language "less" - for a more informal language

TRANSLATE-2354: Add language code to filename of translate5 export zip
When exporting a task, in the exported zip file name, the task source and target language codes are included.

TRANSLATE-1120: Change default values of several configuration parameters
The default value in multiple system configurations is changed.

TRANSLATE-929: Move old task template values to new system overwrite
The task template parameters definition moved to system configuration.


TRANSLATE-2384: Okapi does not always fill missing targets with source content
In some use cases only a few segments are translated, and on export via Okapi the not translated segments are filled up by copying the source content to target automatically. This copying was failing for specific segments.

TRANSLATE-2382: ERROR in core.api.filter: E1223 - Illegal field "customerUseAsDefaultIds" requested
Sometimes it may happen that a filtering for customers used as default in the language resource grid leads to the above error message. This is fixed now.

TRANSLATE-2373: Prevent termtagger usage if source and target language are equal
FIX: Prevent termtagger hanging when source and target language of a task are identical. Now in these cases the terms are not tagged anymore

TRANSLATE-2372: Whitespace not truncated InstantTranslate text input field
All newlines, spaces (including non-breaking spaces), and tabs are removed from the beginning and the end of the searched string in instant translate.

TRANSLATE-2367: NoAccessException directly after login
Opening Translate5 with an URL containing a task to be opened for editing leads to ZfExtended_Models_Entity_NoAccessException exception if the task was already finished or still in state waiting instead of opening the task in read only mode.

TRANSLATE-2365: Help window initial size
On smaller screens the close button of the help window (and also the "do not show again" checkbox) were not visible.

TRANSLATE-2352: Visual: Repetitions are linked to wrong position in the layout
FIXED: Problem in Visual Review that segments pointing to multiple occurances in the visual review always jumped to the first occurance when clicking on the segment in the segment grid. Now the current context (position of segment before, scroll-position of review) is taken into account

TRANSLATE-2351: Preserve "private use area" of unicode characters in visual review and ensure connecting segments
Characters of the Private Use Areas (as used in some symbol fonts e.g.) are now preserved in the Visual Review layout

TRANSLATE-2335: Do not query MT when doing analysis in batch mode without MT pre-translation
When the MT pre-translation checkbox is not checked in the match analysis overview, and batch query is enabled, all associated MT resources will not be used for batch query.

TRANSLATE-2311: Cookie Security
Set the authentication cookie according to the latest security recommendations.

TRANSLATE-2383: OpenTM2 workaround to import swiss languages
Since OpenTM2 is not capable of importing sub languages we have to provide fixes on demand. Here de-CH, it-CH and fr-CH are fixed.

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