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Important Notes:

API change: fix in the API of InstantTranslate file translations - see TRANSLATE-2195


TRANSLATE-1050: Save user customization of editor
The user may now change the visible columns and column positions and widths of the segment grid. This customizations are restored on next login.

TRANSLATE-2071: VisualReview: XML with "What you see is what you get" via XSL transformation
A XML with a XSLT can be imported into translate5. The XML is then converted into viewable content in VisualReview.

TRANSLATE-2111: Make pop-up about "Reference files available" and "Do you really want to finish" pop-up configurable
For both pop ups it is now configurable if they should be used and shown in the application.

TRANSLATE-1793: search and replace: keep last search field or preset by workflow step.
The last searched field and content is saved and remains in the search window when it was closed.


TRANSLATE-1617: Renaming of buttons on leaving a task
The label of the leave Button was changed.

TRANSLATE-2180: Enhance displayed text for length restrictions in the editor
The display text of the segment length restriction was changed.

TRANSLATE-2186: Implement close window button for editor only usage
To show that Button set runtimeOptions.editor.toolbar.hideCloseButton to 0. This button can only be used if translate5 was opened via JS call.

TRANSLATE-2193: Remove "log out" button in editor
The user has first to leave the task before he can log out.


TRANSLATE-630: Enhance, when text filters of columns are send
When using a textfilter in a grid in the frontend, the user has to type very fast since the filters were sent really fast to the server. This is changed now.

TRANSLATE-1877: Missing additional content and filename of affected file in E1069 error message
Error E1069 shows now also the filename and the affected characters.

TRANSLATE-2010: Change tooltip of tasks locked because of excel export
The content of the tooltip was improved.

TRANSLATE-2014: Enhance "No results found" message in InstantTranslate
Enhance "No results found" message in InstantTranslate

TRANSLATE-2156: Remove "Choose automatically" option from drop-down, that chooses source or target for connecting the layout with
Since this was confusing users the option was removed and source is the new default

TRANSLATE-2195: InstantTranslate filepretranslation API has a wrong parameter name
The parameter was 0 instead as documented in confluence.

TRANSLATE-2215: VisualReview JS Error: me.down(...) is null
Error happend in conjunction with the usage of the action buttons in Visual Review.

TRANSLATE-1031: Currently edited column in row editor is not aligned right
When scrolling horizontally in the segment grid, this could lead to positioning problems of the segment editor.

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