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[5.0.7] - 2020-08-05


TRANSLATE-2069: Show task-id and segment-id in URL and enable to access a task via URL (sponsored by Supertext) A user is now able to send an URL that points to a certain segment of an opened task to another user and he will be able to automatically open the segment and scroll to the task alone via entering the URL (provided he has access rights to the task). This works also, if the user still has to log in and also if login works via OpenID Connect.


TRANSLATE-2150: Disable default enabled workflow action finishOverduedTaskUserAssoc Disable default enabled workflow action finishOverduedTaskUserAssoc

TRANSLATE-2159: Update Third-Party-Library Horde Text Diff Include the up2date version of the used diff library


TRANSLATE-2141: Improvements Live-Editing / Text-Reflow Again further major improvments of the layout for the „What you see is what you get“ feature compared to version 5.0.6

TRANSLATE-2148: Load module plugins only A fix in the architecture of translate5

TRANSLATE-2153: In some cases translate5 deletes spaces between segments This refers to the visual layout representation of segments (not the actual translation)

TRANSLATE-2155: Visual HTML fails on import for multi-target-lang project Creating a mulit-lang project failed, when fetching the layout via URL

TRANSLATE-2158: Reflect special whitespace characters in the layout Entering linebreak, non-breaking-space and tabs in the segment effects now „What you see is what you get“ the layout

[5.0.6] - 2020-07-23


TRANSLATE-2139: Pre-translation exceptions The error handling for integrated language resources has been improved


TRANSLATE-2117: LanguageResources: update & query segments with tags For PangeaMT and NEC-TM the usage of internal tags was provided / fixed and a general mechanism for language resources for this issue introduced

TRANSLATE-2127: Xliff files with file extension xml are passed to okapi instead of translate5s xliff parser XML files that acutally contain XLIFF had been passed to Okapi instead of the translate5 xliff parser, if they startet with a BOM (Byte order mark)

TRANSLATE-2138: Visual via URL does not work in certain cases In some cases passing the layout via URL did not work

TRANSLATE-2142: Missing property definition A small fix

TRANSLATE-2143: Problems Live-Editing: Shortened segments, insufficient whitespace Major enhancements in the „What you see is what you get“ feature regarding whitespace handling and layout issues

TRANSLATE-2144: Several problems with copy and paste content into an edited segment

TRANSLATE-2146: Exclude materialized view check in segments total count A small fix

[5.0.5] - 2020-07-13


[TRANSLATE-2137: Translate files with InstantTranslate: Enable it to turn the feature of via configuration


TRANSLATE-2035: Add extra column to languageresource log table

TRANSLATE-2047: Errormessages on DB Update V 3.4.1

TRANSLATE-2120: Add missing DB constraint to Zf_configuration table

TRANSLATE-2129: Look for and solve open Javascript bugs (theRootCause)

TRANSLATE-2131: APPLICATON_PATH under Windows contains slash

TRANSLATE-2132: Kpi buttons are visible for editor only users

TRANSLATE-2134: Remove document properties for MS Office and LibreOffice formats of default okapi bconf

[5.0.4] - 2020-07-06


TRANSLATE-2016: Align visual jobs with sdlxliff for review purposes


TRANSLATE-2128: Add capabilities to disable the "What you see is what you get" via config-option


TRANSLATE-2074: Login: Syntax error or access violation (depending on role)

TRANSLATE-2114: Missing session leads to Javascript-Error

TRANSLATE-2123: Don't use zend cache for materialized view table check

[5.0.3] - 2020-06-30


TRANSLATE-1774: Integrate NEC-TM with translate5 as LanguageResource Integrated NEC-TM with translate5 as Language-Resource

TRANSLATE-2052: Assign different segments of same task to different users Added capabilities to assign different segments of the same task to different users


TRANSLATE-2094: Set finish date for all reviewers Removed workflow action „setReviewersFinishDate“

TRANSLATE-2096: Use FontAwesome5 icons in translate5 Use FontAwesome5 for all icons in translate5

TRANSLATE-2097: Minimum characters requirement for client name in clients form Minimum characters requirement for client name in clients form is now 1

TRANSLATE-2101: Disable automated translation xliff creation from notFoundTranslation xliff in production instances Disable automated creation of a xliff-file from notFoundTranslation xliff in production instances

TRANSLATE-2102: Comma in PDF filename leads to failing visual import VisualTranslation: Commas in PDF filenames (formerly leading to failing imports) are now automatically corrected

TRANSLATE-2104: KPI button does not work The KPI Button works as expected now

TRANSLATE-2105: Serverside check for pixel-based length check fails on multiple lines The serverside check for the pixel-based length check works as expected with multiple lines now

TRANSLATE-2106: Remove white spaces from user login and password Whitespace and blanks from user login and password in the login form are automatically removed

TRANSLATE-2109: Remove string length restriction flag Remove string length restriction configuration option

TRANSLATE-2121: filename issues with tmx import and export from and to NEC-TM Fixed issues with filenames on NEC-TM tmx export and import

[5.0.2] - 2020-06-19


TRANSLATE-1900: Pixel length check: Handle characters with unkown pixel length Pixel length check: Handle characters with unkown pixel length

TRANSLATE-2054: Integrate PangeaMT with translate5 Integrate PangeaMT as new machine translation language resource.

TRANSLATE-2092: Import specific DisplayText XML Import specific DisplayText XML

TRANSLATE-2071: XML mit "What you see is what you get" via XSL transformation An imported XML may contains a link to an XSL stylesheet. If this link exists (as a file or valid URL) the Source for the VisualTranslation is generated from the XSL processing of the XML


TRANSLATE-2070: In XLF Import: Move also bx,ex and it tags out of the segment (sponsored by Supertext) Move paired tags out of the segment, where the corresponding tag belongs to another segment


TRANSLATE-2091: Prevent hanging imports when starting maintenance mode Starting an improt while a maintenance is scheduled could lead to hanging import workers. Now workers don't start when a maintenance is scheduled.

[5.0.1] - 2020-06-17


TRANSLATE-1900: Pixel length check: Handle characters with unkown pixel length Pixel length check: Handle characters with unkown pixel length

TRANSLATE-2054: Integrate PangeaMT with translate5 Integrate PangeaMT as new machine translation language resource.

TRANSLATE-2092: Import specific DisplayText XML Import specific DisplayText XML


TRANSLATE-2070: In XLF Import: Move also bx,ex and it tags out of the segment (sponsored by Supertext) Move paired tags out of the segment, where the corresponding tag belongs to another segment


TRANSLATE-2091: Prevent hanging imports when starting maintenance mode Starting an improt while a maintenance is scheduled could lead to hanging import workers. Now workers don't start when a maintenance is scheduled.

[5.0.0] - 2020-06-04


TRANSLATE-1610: Bundle tasks to projects Several tasks with same content and same source language can now be bundled to projects. A completely new project overview was created therefore.

TRANSLATE-1901: Support lines in pixel-based length check If configured the width of each new-line in target content is calculated and checked separately.

TRANSLATE-1944: VisualReview: visual live translation (wysiwyg) Enable wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) live translation based on visualReview. For installation and configuration see the according sections in the sub-pages of also see the new font administration in the administration section of the application.

TRANSLATE-2086: Integrate ModelFront (MT risk prediction) ModelFront risk prediction for MT matches is integrated.

TRANSLATE-2087: VisualTranslation: Highlight pre-translated segments of bad quality / missing translations Highlight pre-translated segments of bad quality / missing translations in visual translation

TRANSLATE-1929: VisualTranslation: HTML files can import directly HTML files can be used directly as import file in VisualTranslation


TRANSLATE-2072: move character pixel definition from customer to file level The definition of character pixel widths is move from customer to file level

TRANSLATE-2084: Disable possiblity to delete tags by default The possibility to save a segment with tag errors and ignore the warn message is disabled now. This can be re-enabled as described in Whitespace tags can still be deleted.

TRANSLATE-2085: InstantTranslate: handling of single segments with dot Translating one sentence with a trailing dot was recognized as multiple sentences instead only one.

[3.4.4] - 2020-05-27


TRANSLATE-2043: Use Composer to manage all the PHP dependencies in development All PHP third party code libraries are now delivered as one third-party package. In development composer is used now to manage all the PHP dependencies.


TRANSLATE-2082: Missing surrounding tags on export of translation tags For better usability surrounding tags of a segment are not imported. In translation task this tags are not added anymore on export. For review tasks everything was working.

[3.4.3] - 2020-05-11


TRANSLATE-1661: MatchAnalysis: GroupShare TMs support now also count of internal fuzzies The GroupShare connector is now able to support the count of internal fuzzies


TRANSLATE-2062: Support html fragments as import files without changing the structure The Okapi import filter was changed, so that also HTML fragments (instead only valid HTML documents) can be imported

[3.4.2] - 2020-05-07


TRANSLATE-1999: Optional custom content can be displayed in the file area of the editor See configuration runtimeOptions.editor.customPanel.url and runtimeOptions.editor.customPanel.title

TRANSLATE-2028: Change how help window urls are defined in Zf_configuration See

TRANSLATE-2039: InstantTranslate: Translate text area segmented against TM and MT and Terminology InstantTranslate can deal now with multiple sentences

TRANSLATE-2048: Provide segment auto-state summary via API A segment auto-state summary is now provided via API


TRANSLATE-2044: Change Edge browser support version Minimum Edge Version is now: Version 80.0.361.50: 11. Februar or higher

TRANSLATE-2042: Introduce a tab panel used for the administrative main components The administration main menu was improved

TRANSLATE-1926: Add LanguageResources: show all services that translate5 can handle On adding LanguageResources also the not configured resources are shown (disabled, but the user knows now that it does exist)

TRANSLATE-2031: NEC-TM: Categeries are mandatory On the creation and usage of NEC-TM categeries are now mandatory


TRANSLATE-1769: Fuzzy-Matching of languages in TermTagging does not work, when a TermCollection is added after task import If choosing a language with out a sublanguage in translate5 (just "de" for example) the termtagger should also tag terms in the language de_DE. This was not working anymore.

TRANSLATE-2024: InstantTranslate file translation: Segments stay empty, if no translation is provided If for a segment no translation could be find, the source text remains.

TRANSLATE-2029: NEC-TM Error in GUI: Save category assocs A JS error occured on saving NEC-TMs

TRANSLATE-2030: Garbage Collector produces DB DeadLocks due wrong timezone configuration The problem was fixed internally, although it should be ensured, that the DB and PHP run in the same timezone.

TRANSLATE-2033: JS error when leaving the application The JS error "Sync XHR not allowed in page dismissal" was solved

TRANSLATE-2034: In Chinese languages some ^h characters are added which prevents export then due invalid XML The characters are masked now as special character, which prevents the XML getting scrambled.

TRANSLATE-2036: Handle empty response from the spell check The Editor may handle empty spell check results now

TRANSLATE-2037: VisualReview: Leaving a task leads to an error in Microsoft Edge Is fixed now, was reproduced on Microsoft Edge: 44.18362.449.0

TRANSLATE-2050: Change Language Resource API so that it is understandable Especially the handling of the associated clients and the default clients was improved

TRANSLATE-2051: TaskGrid advanced datefilter is not working Especially the date at was not working

TRANSLATE-2055: Switch okapi import to tags, that show tag markup to translators Instead of g and x tags Okapi produces know ph, it, bpt and ept tags, which in the end shows the real tag content to the user in the Editor.

TRANSLATE-2056: Finished task can not be opened readonly Tasks finished in the workflow could not be opened anymore read-only by the finishing user

TRANSLATE-2057: Disable term tagging in read only segments This can be changed in the configuration, so that terms of non editable segments can be tagged if needed

TRANSLATE-2059: Relais import fails with DB error message This is fixed now.

TRANSLATE-2023: InstantTranslate - Filetranslation: Remove associations to LanguageResources after translation On using the file translation in InstantTranslate some automatically used language resources are now removed again

[3.4.1] - 2020-04-08


TRANSLATE-1997: Show help window automatically and remember "seen" click If configured the window pops up automatically and saves the "have seen" info

TRANSLATE-2001: Support MemoQ comments for im- and export Added comment support to the MemoQ im- and export


TRANSLATE-2007: LanguageResources that cannot be used: Improve error handling Improved the error handling if a chosen language-resource is not available.


TRANSLATE-2022: Prevent huge segments to be send to the termTagger Huge Segments (configurable, default more then 150 words) are not send to the TermTagger anymore due performance reasons.

TRANSLATE-1753: Import Archive for single uploads misses files and can not be reimported In the import archive for single uploads some files were missing, so that the task could not be reimported with the clone button.

TRANSLATE-2018: mysql error when date field as default value has CURRENT_TIMESTAMP The problem is solved in translate5 by adding the current timestamp there

TRANSLATE-2008: Improve TermTagger usage when TermTagger is not reachable The TermTagger is not reachable in the time when it is tagging terms. So if the segments are bigger this leads to timeout messages when trying to connect to the termtagger.

TRANSLATE-2004: send import summary mail to pm on import errors Sends a summary of import errors and warnings to the PM, by default only if the PM did not start the import but via API. Can be overriden by setting always to true in the workflow notification configuration.

TRANSLATE-1977: User can not be assigned to 2 different workflow roles of the same task A user can not added multiple times in different roles to a task. For example: first as translator and additionaly as second reviewer.

TRANSLATE-1998: Not able to edit segment in editor, segment locked This was an error in the multi user backend

TRANSLATE-2013: Not replaced relaisLanguageTranslated in task association e-mail A text fragment was missing in the task association e-mail

TRANSLATE-2012: MessageBus is not reacting to requests The MessageBus-server was hanging in an endless loop in some circumstances.

TRANSLATE-2003: Remove criticical data from error mails Some critical data is removed automatically from log e-mails.

TRANSLATE-2005: "Display tracked changes" only when TrackChanges are active for a task The button to toggle TrackChanges is disabled if TrackChanges are not available due workflow reasons

[3.4.0] - 2020-03-04


  • On assigning users to task the role "lector" was replaced with "reviewer". When using the old value a deprecated message is created and the value is transformed. This should be changed in your application talking to translate5 very soon!

  • In a task the fields taskDeliveryDate and realDeliveryDate are removed! The values are moved on job level (task user association). There are added the new fields deadlineDate and finishedDate.

Special Notes

  • TRANSLATE-1969: for adding general hunspell directories to the spellchecker see:

  • TRANSLATE-1831: DeepL is now integrated in translate5 for users with support- and development contract: See


TRANSLATE-1960: Define if source or target is connected with visualReview on import The user can choose now if the uploaded PDF corresponds to the source or target content.

TRANSLATE-1831: Integrate DeepL in translate5 (Only for users with support- and development contract) The DeepL Integration is only available for users with a support- and development contract. The Plug-In must be activated and the DeepL key configured in the config for usage. See

TRANSLATE-1455: Deadlines and assignment dates for every role of a task This was only possible for the whole task, now per each associated user a dedicated deadline can be defined.

TRANSLATE-1987: Load custom page in the editors branding area Custom content in the branding area can now be included via URL

TRANSLATE-1927: Pre-translate documents in InstantTranslate InstantTranslate is now able to translate documents


TRANSLATE-1959: InstantTranslate: handle tags in the source as part of the source-text InstantTranslate is now supposed to handle tags in the source as part of the source-text.

TRANSLATE-1918: VisualReview: log segmentation results The results of the segmentation is logged into the task log and is sent via email.

TRANSLATE-1916: Change supported browser message The message about the supported browsers was changed, also IE11 is no not supported anymore.

TRANSLATE-905: Improve maintenance mode The maintenance mode has now a free-text field to display data to the users, also the maintenance can be announced to all admin users. See


TRANSLATE-1989: Erroneously locked segment on tasks with only one user and no simultaneous usage mode Some segments were locked in the frontend although only one user was working on the task.

TRANSLATE-1988: Enhanced filters button provides drop-down with to much user names Only the users associated to the tasks visible to the current user should be visible.

TRANSLATE-1986: Unable to import empty term with attributes An error occurs when importing term with empty term value, valid term attributes and valid term id.

TRANSLATE-1980: Button "open task" is missing for unaccepted jobs For jobs that are not accepted so far, the "open task" action icon is missing. It should be shown again.

TRANSLATE-1978: In InstantTranslate the Fuzzy-Match is not highlighted correctly The source difference of fuzzy matches was not shown correctly.

TRANSLATE-1911: Error if spellcheck answer returns from server after task was left already When the task was left before the spellcheck answer was returned from the server an error occured.

TRANSLATE-1841: pc elements in xliff 2.1 exports are not correctly nested in conjunction with TrackChanges Markup The xliff 2.1 export produced invalid XML in some circumstances.

TRANSLATE-1981: Sorting the bookmark column produces errors Sorting the by default hidden bookmark column in the segment table produced an error.

TRANSLATE-1975: Reenable Copy & Paste from term window Copy and paste was not working any more for the terms listed in the segment meta panel on the right.

TRANSLATE-1973: TrackChanges should not added by default on translation tasks without a workflow with CTRL+INS When using CTRL+INS to copy the source to the target content, TrackChanges should be only added for review tasks in any case.

TRANSLATE-1972: Default role in translation tasks should be translator not reviewer This affects the front-end default role in the task user association window.

TRANSLATE-1971: segments excluded with excluded framing ept and bpt tags could not be exported Very seldom error in combination with segments containing ept and bpt tags.

TRANSLATE-1970: Unable to open Instant-translate/Term-portal from translate5 buttons This bug was applicable only if the config runtimeOptions.logoutOnWindowClose is enabled.

TRANSLATE-1968: Correct spelling mistake Fixed a german typo in the user notification on association pop-up.

TRANSLATE-1969: Adding hunspell directories for spell checking does not work for majority of languages Using external hunspell directories via LanguageTool is working now. Usage is described in

TRANSLATE-1966: File-system TBX import error on term-collection create The file-system based TBX import is now working again.

TRANSLATE-1964: OpenID: Check for provider roles before the default roles check OpenID was throwing an exception if the default roles are not set for the client domain even if the openid provider provide the roles in the claims response.

TRANSLATE-1963: Tbx import fails when importing a file On TBX import the TBX parser throws an exception and the import process is stopped only when the file is uploaded from the users itself.

TRANSLATE-1962: SDLLanguageCloud: status always returns unavailable Checking the status was always returning unavailable, although the LanguageResource is available and working.

TRANSLATE-1919: taskGuid column is missing in LEK_comment_meta A database column was missing.

TRANSLATE-1913: Missing translation if no language resource is available for the language combination Just added the missing English translation.

[3.3.2] - 2019-12-18


TRANSLATE-1531: Provide progress data about a task Editors and PMs see the progress of the tasks.


TRANSLATE-1896: Delete MemoQ QA-tags on import of memoq xliff Otherwise the MemoQ file could not be imported

TRANSLATE-1910: When talking to an OpenId server missing ssl certificates can be configured If the SSO server uses a self signed certificate or is not configured properly a missing certificate chain can be configured in the SSO client used by translate5.


TRANSLATE-1824: xlf import does not handle some unicode entities correctly The special characters are masked as tags now.

TRANSLATE-1909: Reset the task tbx hash when assigned termcollection to task is updated For the termtagger a cached TBX is created out of all term-collections assigned to a task. On term-collection update this cached file is updated too.

TRANSLATE-1885: Several BugFixes in the GUI Several BugFixes in the GUI

TRANSLATE-1760: TrackChanges: Bugs with editing content Some errors according to TrackChanges were fixed.

TRANSLATE-1864: Usage of changealike editor may duplicate internal tags This happened only under special circumstances.

TRANSLATE-1804: Segments containing only the number 0 are not imported There were also problems on the export of such segments.

TRANSLATE-1879: Handle removals of corresponding opening and closing tags for tasks with and without trackChanges If a removed tag was part of a tag pair, the second tag is deleted automatically.

[3.3.1] - 2019-12-02


TRANSLATE-1167: Edit task simultanously with multiple users Multiple users can edit the same task at the same time. See Translate5 confluence how to activate that feature!

TRANSLATE-1493: Filter by user, workflow-step, job-status and language combination Several new filters can be used in the task overview.


TRANSLATE-1871: Enhance theRootCause integration: users can activate video-recording after login Users can activate optionally video-recording after login to improve error reporting.

TRANSLATE-1889: rfc 5646 value for estonian is wrong The RFC 5646 value for estonian was wrong

TRANSLATE-1886: Error on refreshing GroupShare TMs when a used TM should be deleted The error is fixed right now.

TRANSLATE-1884: Special Character END OF TEXT in importable content produces errors. The special character END OF TEXT is masked in the import now.

TRANSLATE-1840: Insert opening and closing tag surround text selections with one key press Insert opening and closing tag surround text selections with one key press

[3.2.13] - 2019-11-12


TRANSLATE-1839: Show some KPIs in translate5 task overview One KPI is for example the average time until delivery of a task.


TRANSLATE-1858: GroupShare TMs with several languages Such TMs are listed now correctly.

TRANSLATE-1849: OpenID Connect integration should be able to handle and merge roles from different groups for one user OpenID Connect integration should be able to handle and merge roles from different groups for one user

TRANSLATE-1848: define collection per user in automated term proposal export the collections to be exported can be defined now


TRANSLATE-1869: Calling TermPortal without Session does not redirect to login Now the user is redirected to the login page.

TRANSLATE-1866: TermPortal does not filter along termCollection, when showing terms of a termEntry This is fixed now.

TRANSLATE-1819: TermPortal: comment is NOT mandatory when editing is canceled TermPortal: comment is NOT mandatory when editing is canceled

TRANSLATE-1865: JS error when resetting segment to initial value JS error when resetting segment to initial value

TRANSLATE-1480: JS Error on using search and replace This is fixed now.

TRANSLATE-1863: InvalidXMLException: E1024 - Invalid XML does not bubble correctly into frontend on import Now the error is logged and shown correctly

TRANSLATE-1861: Not all known default matchrate Icons are shown All icons are shown again.

TRANSLATE-1850: Non userfriendly error on saving workflow user prefs with an already deleted user A human readable error message is shown now.

TRANSLATE-1860: Error code error logging in visual review Errors are now logged into the task log.

TRANSLATE-1862: Copy & Paste from outside the segment Copy & Paste from outside the segment is now possible

TRANSLATE-1857: Some strings in the interface are shown in German Translated the missing strings

TRANSLATE-1363: Ensure that search and replace can not be sent without field to be searched The problem is fixed now

TRANSLATE-1867: TBX-Import: In TBX without termEntry-IDs terms get merged along autogenerated termEntry-ID The generation of termEntry-ID was changed in the case the TBX does not provide such an ID.

TRANSLATE-1552: Auto set needed ACL roles If a user gets the role pm, the editor role is needed too. Such missing roles are added now automatically.

VISUAL-52: Red bubble on changed alias segments in layout Changed alias segments are now also shown as edited

VISUAL-62: Integrate PDF optimization via ghostscript to reduce font errors on HTML conversion This must be activated in the config. If activated import errors of the PDF files should be reduced.

[3.2.12] - 2019-10-16


TRANSLATE-1838: OpenID integration: Support different roles for default roles than for maximal allowed roles


TRANSLATE-1719: The supplied node is incorrect or has an incorrect ancestor for this operation

TRANSLATE-1820: TermPortal (engl.): "comment", not "note" or "Anmerkung"

[3.2.11] - 2019-10-14


TRANSLATE-1378 Search & Replace: Activate "Replace"-key right away

TRANSLATE-1615 Move whitespace buttons to segment meta-panel

TRANSLATE-1815 Segment editor should automatically move down a bit

TRANSLATE-1836: Get rid of message "Segment updated in TM!"


TRANSLATE-1826: Include east asian sub-languages and thai in string-based termTagging

[3.2.10] - 2019-10-08


TRANSLATE-1774: Integrate NEC-TM with translate5 as LanguageResource

[3.2.9] - 2019-10-07


TRANSLATE-1671: (Un)lock 100%-Matches in task properties

TRANSLATE-1803: New-options-for-automatic-term-proposal-deletion

TRANSLATE-1816: Create a search & replace button

TRANSLATE-1817: Get rid of head panel in editor


TRANSLATE-1551: Readonly task is editable when using VisualReview

TRANSLATE-1761: Clean-up-tbx-for-filesystem-import-directory

TRANSLATE-1790: In-the-general-mail-template-the-portal-link-points-to-wrong-url

[3.2.8] - 2019-09-24


TRANSLATE-1045: javascript error: rendered block refreshed at (this is the fix for the doRefreshView override function in the BufferedRenderer)

TRANSLATE-1219: Editor iframe body is reset and therefore not usable due missing content

TRANSLATE-1756: Excel export error with segments containing an equal sign at the beginning

TRANSLATE-1796: Error on match analysis tab panel open

TRANSLATE-1797: Deleting of terms on import does not work

TRANSLATE-1798: showSubLanguages in TermPortal does not work as it should

TRANSLATE-1799: TermEntry Proposals get deleted, when they should not

TRANSLATE-1800: Uncaught Error: rendered block refreshed at 0 rows

[3.2.7] - 2019-09-12


TRANSLATE-1736: Config switch to disable sub-languages for TermPortal search field

TRANSLATE-1741: Usage of user crowds in translate5

TRANSLATE-1734: InstantTranslate: Preset of languages used for translation

TRANSLATE-1735: Optionally make note field in TermPortal mandatory

TRANSLATE-1733: System config in TermPortal: All languages available for adding a new term?


TRANSLATE-1792: Make columns in user table of workflow e-mails configurable

TRANSLATE-1791: Enable neutral salutation


TRANSLATE-1742: Not configured mail server may crash application

TRANSLATE-1771: "InstantTranslate Into" available in to many languages

TRANSLATE-1788: Javascript error getEditorBody.textContent() is undefined

TRANSLATE-1782: Minor TermPortal bugs fixed

[3.2.6] - 2019-08-29


TRANSLATE-1763: Import comments from SDLXLIFF to translate5

TRANSLATE-1776: Terminology in meta panel is also shown on just clicking on a segment


TRANSLATE-1730: Delete change markers from SDLXLIFF

TRANSLATE-1778: TrackChanges fail cursor-position in Firefox

TRANSLATE-1781: TrackChanges: reset in combination with matches is buggy

TRANSLATE-1770: TrackChanges: reset to initial content must not mark own changes as as change

TRANSLATE-1765: TrackChanges: Content marked as insert produces problems with SpellChecker

TRANSLATE-1767: Cloning of task where assigned TBX language resource has been deleted leads to failed import

[3.2.5] - 2019-08-20


TRANSLATE-1738: Add "Added from MT" to note field of Term, if term stems from InstantTranslate

TRANSLATE-1739: InstantTranslate: Add button to switch languages

TRANSLATE-1737: Only show "InstantTranslate into" drop down, if no field is open for editing

TRANSLATE-1743: Term proposal system: Icons and Shortcuts for Editing


TRANSLATE-1752: error E1149 - Export: Some segments contains tag errors is logged to much on proofreading tasks.

TRANSLATE-1732: Open Bugs term proposal system

TRANSLATE-1749: spellcheck is not working any more in Firefox

TRANSLATE-1758: Combination of trackchanges and terminology produces sometimes corrupt segments (warning "E1132")

TRANSLATE-1755: Transit Import is not working anymore

TRANSLATE-1754: Authentication via session auth hash does a wrong redirect if the instance is located in a sub directory

TRANSLATE-1750: Loading of tasks in the task overview had a bad performance

TRANSLATE-1747: E9999 - Missing Arguments $code and $message

TRANSLATE-1757: JS Error in LanguageResources Overview if task names contain " characters

[3.2.4] - 2019-07-30


TRANSLATE-1720: Add segment editing history (snapshots) to JS debugging (rootcause)

TRANSLATE-1273: Propose new terminology and terminology changes


TRANSLATE-717: Blocked column in segment grid shows no values and filter is inverted

TRANSLATE-1305: Exclude framing internal tags from xliff import also for translation projects

TRANSLATE-1724: TrackChanges: JavaSript error: WrongDocumentError (IE11 only)

TRANSLATE-1721: JavaScript error: me.allMatches is null

TRANSLATE-1045: JavaScript error: rendered block refreshed at 16 rows while BufferedRenderer view size is 48

TRANSLATE-1717: Segments containing one whitespace character can crash Okapi on export

TRANSLATE-1718: Flexibilize LanguageResource creation via API by allow also language lcid

TRANSLATE-1716: Pretranslation does not replace tags in repetitions correctly

TRANSLATE-1634: TrackChanges: CTRL+Z: undo works, but looses the TrackChange-INS

TRANSLATE-1711: TrackChanges are not added on segment reset to import state

TRANSLATE-1710: TrackChanges are not correct on taking over TM match

TRANSLATE-1627: SpellCheck impedes TrackChanges for CTRL+V and CTRL+. into empty segments

[3.2.3] - 2019-07-17


TRANSLATE-1489: Export task as excel and be able to reimport it


TRANSLATE-1464: SpellCheck for Japanese and other languages using the Microsoft Input Method Editor

TRANSLATE-1715: XLF Import: Segments with tags only should be ignored and pretranslated automatically on translation tasks

TRANSLATE-1705: Pre-translation does not remove "AdditionalTag"-Tag from OpenTM2

TRANSLATE-1637: MatchAnalysis: Errors in Frontend when analysing multiple tasks

TRANSLATE-1658: Notify assoc users with state open in notifyOverdueTasks

TRANSLATE-1709: Missing translator checkers in email when all proofreaders are finished

TRANSLATE-1708: Possible server error on segment search

TRANSLATE-1707: XLIFF 2.1 Export creates invalid XML

TRANSLATE-1702: Multiple parallel export of the same task from the same session leads to errors

TRANSLATE-1706: Improve TrackChanges markup for internal tags in Editor

[3.2.2] - 2019-06-27


TRANSLATE-1676: Disable file extension check if a custom bconf is provided


TRANSLATE-1665: Change font colour to black


TRANSLATE-1701: Searching in bookmarked segments leads to SQL error (missing column)

TRANSLATE-1660: Remove message for unsupported browser for MS Edge

TRANSLATE-1620: Relais (pivot) import does not work, if Trados alters mid

TRANSLATE-1181: Workflow Cron Daily actions are called multiple times

TRANSLATE-1695: VisualReview: segmentmap generation has a bad performance on task load

			** one of the two improvements is not applied automatically to the task **

			** if you still experience loading timeouts in the GUI on opening a task **

			** go to task administration, end the task, and reopen it again, this is decribed in: **

			** **

TRANSLATE-1694: Allow SDLXLIFF tags with dashes in the ID

TRANSLATE-1691: Search and Replace does not escape entities in the replaced text properly

TRANSLATE-1684: Uneditable segments with tags only can lose content on export

TRANSLATE-1669: repetition editor deletes wrong tags

TRANSLATE-1693: Search and Replace does not open segment on small tasks

TRANSLATE-1666: Improve error communication when uploading a import package without proofRead folder

TRANSLATE-1689: Pressing "tab" in search and replace produces a JS error

TRANSLATE-1683: Inserting white-space tags in the editor can overwrite other tags in the target

TRANSLATE-1659: Change of description for auto-assignment area in user management

TRANSLATE-1654: TermTagger stops working on import of certain task - improved error management and logging

			** if a termtagger is not reachable anymore (due crash or not started) it will be deactivated in translate5 **

			** for reactivation of such deactivated termtaggers see the instructions to E1129 **

			** in **

[3.2.1] - 2019-05-10


TRANSLATE-1403: Anonymize users in the workflow


TRANSLATE-1648: Disable the drop down menu in the column head of the task grid via ACL

TRANSLATE-1636: OpenID Connect: Automatically remove protocol from translate5 domain

VISUAL-64: VisualReview: Improve texts on leaving visualReview task


TRANSLATE-1646: The frontend inserts invisible BOM (EFBBBF) characters into the saved segment

TRANSLATE-1642: Saving client with duplicate "translate5 domain" shows wrong error message

T5DEV-267: GroupShare Integration pre-translation and analysis does not work

TRANSLATE-1635: OpenID Connect: Logout URL of TermPortal leads to error, when directly login again with OpenID via MS ActiveDirectory

TRANSLATE-1633: Across XLF comment import does provide wrong comment date

TRANSLATE-1641: Adjust the translate5 help window width and height

TRANSLATE-1640: OpenID Connect: Customer domain is mandatory for OpenId group

TRANSLATE-1632: JS: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

TRANSLATE-1631: JS: is not a function

TRANSLATE-337: uniqid should not be used for security relevant issues

TRANSLATE-1639: OpenID Connect: OpenId authorization redirect after wrong translate5 password

TRANSLATE-1638: OpenID Connect: OpenId created user is not editable

[3.2.0] - 2019-04-17


VISUAL-63: VisualReview for translation tasks

TRANSLATE-355: Better error handling and user communication on import and export errors


TRANSLATE-702: Migrate translate5 to be using PHP 7.3

TRANSLATE-613: Refactor error messages and error handling

TRANSLATE-293: create separate config for error mails receiver


TRANSLATE-1605: TrackChanges splits up the words send to the languagetool

TRANSLATE-1624: TrackChanges: type after CTRL+A after choosing a match

TRANSLATE-1256: In the editor CTRL-Z (undo) does not work after pasting content

TRANSLATE-1356: In the editor the caret is placed wrong after CTRL+Z

TRANSLATE-1520: Last CTRL+Z "loses" the caret in the Edtior

[3.1.3] - 2019-04-08


TRANSLATE-1600: TrackChanges: Make tracked change marks hideable via a button and keyboard short-cut

TRANSLATE-1390: Microsoft translator can be used as language resource


TRANSLATE-1613: The segment timestamp is not set properly with MySQL 8

TRANSLATE-1612: Task clone does not clone language resources

TRANSLATE-1604: Jobs may not be created with status finished

TRANSLATE-1609: API Usage: On task creation no PM can be explicitly defined

TRANSLATE-1603: Show the link to TermPortal in InstantTranslate only, if user has TermPortal access rights

TRANSLATE-1595: Match analysis export button is disabled erroneously

TRANSLATE-1597: Concordance search uses only the source language

TRANSLATE-1607: Feature logout on page change disables language switch

TRANSLATE-1599: Error in Search and Replace repaired

T5DEV-266: Sessions can be hijacked

[3.1.1] - 2019-02-28


TRANSLATE-1589: Separate button to sync the GroupShare TMs in LanguageResources panel

TRANSLATE-1586: Close session on browser window close

TRANSLATE-1581: Click on PM Name in task overview opens e-mail program to send an e-mail to the PM

TRANSLATE-1457: Use OpenID Connect optionally for authentication and is now able to run under different domains


TRANSLATE-1583: VisualReview: Change the button layout in "leave visual review" messagebox

TRANSLATE-1584: Rename "Autostatus" to "Bearbeitungsstatus" in translate5 editor (german GUI)

TRANSLATE-1542: InstantTranslate: Improve language selection in InstantTranslate

TRANSLATE-1587: Enable session delete to delete via internalSessionUniqId


TRANSLATE-1579: TermTagger is not tagging terminology automatically on task import wizard

TRANSLATE-1588: Pre-translation is running although it was disabled

TRANSLATE-1572: Import language resources in background

TRANSLATE-1575: Unable to take over match from language resources match grid in editor

TRANSLATE-1567: Globalese integration: Error occurred during file upload or translation

TRANSLATE-1560: Introduce a config switch to disable match resource panel

TRANSLATE-1580: Remove word count field from the task import wizard

TRANSLATE-1571: Copy and paste segment content does not work when selecting whole source segment

[3.0.5] - 2019-02-07


TRANSLATE-1570: Editor-only usage (embedded translate5) was not working properly due JS errors

TRANSLATE-1548: TrackChanges: nested DEL tags in the frontend

TRANSLATE-1526: TrackChanges: pasting content into the editor could lead to an JS error

TRANSLATE-1566: Segment pixel length restriction does not work with globalese pretranslation

TRANSLATE-1556: pressing ctrl-c in language resource panel produced an JS error

TRANSLATE-910: Fast clicking on segment bookmark button produces an error on server side

TRANSLATE-1545: Term details are not displayed in term portal

TRANSLATE-1525: TrackChanges: seldom error in the GUI fixed

TRANSLATE-1230: Translate5 was not usable on touch devices

[3.0.4] - 2019-01-31


TRANSLATE-1555: Okapi Import: Add SRX segmentation rules for most common languages


TRANSLATE-1557: Implement the missing workflow step workflowEnded

TRANSLATE-1299: metaCache generation is cut off by mysql setting

TRANSLATE-1554: List only terms in task languages combination in editor terminology list

TRANSLATE-1550: unnecessary wastes harddisk space

[3.0.3] - 2019-01-24


TRANSLATE-1547: Workflow: send mail to PM if one user finishes a task

TRANSLATE-1386: Pixel-based length restrictions for display text translation

[3.0.2] - 2019-01-21


TRANSLATE-1523: Configurable: Should source files be auto-attached as reference files?


TRANSLATE-1543: InstantTranslate: show main languages in InstantTranslate language selection

TRANSLATE-1533: Switch API value, that is checked to know, if Globalese engine is available


TRANSLATE-1540: Filtering language resources by customer replaces resource name with customer name

TRANSLATE-1541: For title tag of TermPortal and InstantTranslate translation mechanism is not used

TRANSLATE-1537: GroupShare sync throws an exception if a language can no be found locally

TRANSLATE-1535: GroupShare license cache ID may not contain special characters

TRANSLATE-1534: internal target marker persists as translation on pretranslation with fuzzy match analysis

TRANSLATE-1532: Globalese integration: error 500 thrown, if no engines are available

TRANSLATE-1518: Multitenancy language resources to customer association fix (customer assoc migration fix)

TRANSLATE-1522: Autostaus "Autoübersetzt" is untranslated in EN

VISUAL-57: VisualReview: Prevent translate5 to scroll layout, if segment has been opened by click in the layout

TRANSLATE-1519: Termcollection is not assigned with default customer with zip import

TRANSLATE-1521: OpenTM2 Matches with or tags are not shown

TRANSLATE-1501: TrackChanges: Select a word with double click then type new text produces JS error and wrong track changes

TRANSLATE-1544: JS error on using grid filters

TRANSLATE-1527: JS error on copy text content in task overview area

TRANSLATE-1524: JS Error when leaving task faster as server responds terms of segment

TRANSLATE-1503: CTRL+Z does not undo CTRL+.

TRANSLATE-1412: TermPortal logout URL is wrong - same for InstantTranslate

TRANSLATE-1517: Add user: no defaultcustomer if no customer is selected

TRANSLATE-1538: click in white head area of TermPortal or InstantTranslate leads to action

TRANSLATE-1539: click on info icon of term does not transfer sublanguage, when opening term in TermPortal

[3.0.1] - 2018-12-21


TRANSLATE-1412: TermPortal logout URL is wrong

TRANSLATE-1504: TermTagging does not work with certain terms

Fixing several smaller problems

[3.0.0] - 2018-12-20

PHP Installation

For PHP installation the package intl must be activated!


TRANSLATE-1490: Highlight fuzzy range in source of match in translate5 editor

TRANSLATE-1430: Enable copy and paste of internal tags from source to target

TRANSLATE-1397: Multitenancy phase 1

TRANSLATE-1206: Add Whitespace chars to segment


TRANSLATE-1483: PHP Backend: Implement an easy way to join tables for filtering via API

TRANSLATE-1460: Deactivate export menu in taskoverview for editor users


TRANSLATE-1500: PM dropdown field in task properties shows max 25 users

TRANSLATE-1497: Convert JSON.parse calls to Ext.JSON.decode calls for better debugging

TRANSLATE-1491: Combine multiple OpenTM2 100% matches to one match

TRANSLATE-1488: JS Error "Cannot read property 'row' of null" on using bookmark functionality

TRANSLATE-1487: User can not change his own password

TRANSLATE-1477: Error on removing a user from a task which finished then the task

TRANSLATE-1476: TrackChanges: JS Error when replacing a character in certain cases

TRANSLATE-1475: Merging of term tagger result and track changes content leads to several errors

TRANSLATE-1474: Clicking in Treepanel while segments are loading is creating an error

TRANSLATE-1472: Task delete throws DB foreign key constraint error

TRANSLATE-1470: Do not automatically add anymore missing tags on overtaking results from language resources

TRANSLATE-146: Internal translation mechanism creates corrupt XLIFF

TRANSLATE-1465: InstantTranslate: increased input-field must not be covered by other elements

TRANSLATE-1463: Trigger workflow action not in all remove user cases

TRANSLATE-1449: Spellcheck needs to handle whitespace tags as space / word boundary

TRANSLATE-1440: Short tag view does not accurately reflect tag order and relationship between tags

TRANSLATE-1505: Several smaller issues

TRANSLATE-1429: TrackChanges: Unable to get property 'className' of undefined or null reference

TRANSLATE-1398: TrackChanges: Backspace and DEL are removing whole content instead only single characters

TRANSLATE-1333: Search and Replace: JS Error: Die Eigenschaft "getActiveTab" eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden

TRANSLATE-1332: Search and Replace - JS error: record is undefined

TRANSLATE-1300: TrackChanges: Position of the caret after deleting from CTRL+A

TRANSLATE-1020: Tasknames with HTML entities are producing errors in segmentstatistics plugin

T5DEV-251: Several issues in InstantTranslate

T5DEV-253: Several issues in match analysis and pre-translation

TRANSLATE-1499: Task Name filtering does not work anymore after leaving a task

[2.9.2] - 2018-10-30


Fixing Problems in IE11

TRANSLATE-1451: Missing customer frontend right blocks whole language resources

TRANSLATE-1453: Updating from an older version of translate5 led to errors in updating

[2.9.1] - 2018-10-25


TRANSLATE-1339: InstantTranslate-Portal: integration of SDL Language Cloud, Terminology, TM and MT resources and similar

TRANSLATE-1362: Integrate Google Translate as language resource

TRANSLATE-1162: GroupShare Plugin: Use SDL Trados GroupShare as Language-Resource


VISUAL-56: VisualReview: Change text that is shown, when segment is not connected


TRANSLATE-1447: Escaping XML Entities in XLIFF 2.1 export (like attribute its:person)

TRANSLATE-1448: translate5 stops loading with Internet Explorer 11

[2.8.7] - 2018-10-16


TRANSLATE-1433: Trigger workflow actions also on removing a user from a task

VISUAL-26: VisualReview: Add buttons to resize layout

TRANSLATE-1207: Add buttons to resize/zoom segment table

TRANSLATE-1135: Highlight and Copy text in source and target columns


TRANSLATE-1380: Change skeleton-files location from DB to filesystem

TRANSLATE-1381: Print proper error message if SDLXLIFF with comments is imported

TRANSLATE-1437: Collect relais file alignment errors instead mail and log each error separately

TRANSLATE-1396: Remove the misleading "C:\fakepath" from task name


TRANSLATE-1442: Repetition editor uses sometimes wrong tag

TRANSLATE-1441: Exception about missing segment materialized view on XLIFF2 export

TRANSLATE-1382: Deleting PM users associated to tasks can lead to workflow errors

TRANSLATE-1335: Wrong segment sorting and filtering because of internal tags

TRANSLATE-1129: Missing segments on scrolling with page-down / page-up

TRANSLATE-1431: Deleting a comment can lead to a JS exception

VISUAL-55: VisualReview: Replace special Whitespace-Chars

TRANSLATE-1438: Okapi conversion did not work anymore due to Okapi Longhorn bug

[2.8.6] - 2018-09-13


TRANSLATE-1425: Provide as download from the export menu for admin users


TRANSLATE-1426: Segment length calculation was not working due not updated metaCache

TRANSLATE-1370: Xliff Import can not deal with empty source targets as single tags

TRANSLATE-1427: Date calculation in Notification Mails is wrong

TRANSLATE-1177: Clicking into empty area of file tree produces sometimes an JS error

TRANSLATE-1422: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'record' of undefined

[2.8.5] - 2018-08-27


VISUAL-50: VisualReview: Improve initial loading performance by accessing images directly and not via PHP proxy


VISUAL-49: VisualReview: Extend default editor mode to support visualReview

TRANSLATE-1415: Rename startViewMode values in config


TRANSLATE-1416: exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table 'siblings' already exists'

VISUAL-48: VisualReview: Improve visualReview scroll performance on very large VisualReview Projects

TRANSLATE-1413: TermPortal: Import deletes all old Terms, regardless of the originating TermCollection

TRANSLATE-1392: Unlock task on logout

TRANSLATE-1417: Task Import ignored termEntry IDs and produced there fore task mismatch

[2.8.4] - 2018-08-17


TRANSLATE-1375: Map arbitrary term attributes to administrativeStatus


VISUAL-46: Loading screen until everything loaded

[2.8.3] - 2018-08-14


TRANSLATE-1404: TrackChanges: Tracked changes disappear when using backspace/del

[2.8.2] - 2018-08-14


TRANSLATE-1376: Segment length calculation does not include length of content outside of mrk tags

TRANSLATE-1399: Using backspace on empty segment increases segment length

TRANSLATE-1395: Enhance error message on missing relais folder

TRANSLATE-1379: TrackChanges: disrupt conversion into japanese characters

TRANSLATE-1373: TermPortal: TermCollection import stops because of unsaved term

TRANSLATE-1372: TrackChanges: Multiple empty spaces after export

[2.8.1] - 2018-08-08


TRANSLATE-1352: Include PM changes in changes-mail and changes.xliff (xliff 2.1)

TRANSLATE-884: Implement generic match analysis and pre-translation (on the example of OpenTM2)

TRANSLATE-392: Systemwide (non-persistent) memory


VISUAL-31: Visual Review: improve segmentation

TRANSLATE-1360: Make PM dropdown in task properties searchable


TRANSLATE-1383: Additional workflow roles associated to a task prohibit a correct workflow switching

TRANSLATE-1161: Task locking clean up is only done on listing the task overview

TRANSLATE-1067: API Usage: 'Zend_Exception' with message 'Indirect modification of overloaded property Zend_View::$rows has no effect

TRANSLATE-1385: PreFillSession Resource Plugin must be removed

TRANSLATE-1340: IP based SessionRestriction is to restrictive for users having multiple IPs

TRANSLATE-1359: PM to task association dropdown in task properties list does not contain all PMs

[2.7.9] - 2018-07-17


TRANSLATE-1349: Remove the message of saving a segment successfully


TRANSLATE-1337: removing orphaned tags is not working with tag check save anyway

TRANSLATE-1245: Add missing keyboard shortcuts related to segment commenting

TRANSLATE-1326: Comments for non-editable segment in visualReview mode and normal mode

TRANSLATE-1345: Unable to import task with Relais language and terminology

TRANSLATE-1347: Unknown Term status are not set to the default as configured

TRANSLATE-1351: Remove jquery from official release and bundle it as dependency

TRANSLATE-1353: Huge TBX files can not be imported

[2.7.8] - 2018-07-04


VISUAL-43: VisualReview: Split segments search into long, middle, short

TRANSLATE-1323: SpellCheck must not remove the TermTag-Markup

TRANSLATE-1331: add application version to task table


TRANSLATE-1234: changes.xliff diff algorithm fails under some circumstances

TRANSLATE-1306: SpellCheck: blocked after typing with MatchResources

TRANSLATE-1336: TermPortal: functions by IE11 in termportal

[2.7.7] - 2018-06-27


TRANSLATE-1324: RepetitionEditor: repetitions could not be saved due JS error

[2.7.6] - 2018-06-27


TRANSLATE-1269: TermPortal: Enable deletion of older terms

TRANSLATE-858: SpellCheck: Integrate languagetool grammer, style and spell checker as micro service

VISUAL-44: VisualReview: Make "switch editor mode"-button configureable in visualReview


TRANSLATE-1310: Improve import performance by SQL optimizing in metacache update

TRANSLATE-1317: Check for /data/import folder

TRANSLATE-1304: remove own js log call for one specific segment editing error in favour of rootcause

TRANSLATE-1287: TermPortal: Introduce scrollbar in left result column of termPortal

TRANSLATE-1296: Simplify error message on missing tags

TRANSLATE-1295: Remove sorting by click on column header in editor


TRANSLATE-1311: segmentMeta transunitId was set to null or was calculated wrong for string ids

TRANSLATE-1313: No error handling if tasks languages are not present in TBX

TRANSLATE-1315: SpellCheck & TrackChanges: corrected errors still marked

T5DEV-245: Error on opening a segment

TRANSLATE-1283: TermPortal: Term collection attributes translation

TRANSLATE-1318: TermPortal: Pre-select search language with matching GUI language group

TRANSLATE-1294: TermPortal: Undefined variable: translate in termportal

TRANSLATE-1292: TermPortal: Undefined variable: file in okapi worker

TRANSLATE-1286: TermPortal: Number shows up, when selecting term from the live search

[2.7.5] - 2018-05-30


TRANSLATE-1269: Enable deletion of older terms

TINTERNAL-28: Change TBX Collection directory naming scheme

TRANSLATE-1268: Pre-select language of term search with GUI-language

TRANSLATE-1266: Show "-" as value instead of provisionallyProcessed


TRANSLATE-1231: xliff 1.2 import can not handle different number of mrk-tags in source and target

TRANSLATE-1265: Deletion of task does not delete dependent termCollection

TRANSLATE-1283: TermPortal: Add GUI translations for Term collection attributes

TRANSLATE-1284: TermPortal: term searches are not restricted to a specific term collection

[2.7.4] - 2018-05-24


TRANSLATE-1135: Highlight and Copy text in source and target columns


TRANSLATE-1267: content between two track changes DEL tags is getting deleted on some circumstances

VISUAL-33: Huge VisualReview projects lead to preg errors in PHP postprocessing of generated HTML

TRANSLATE-1102: Calling default modules pages by ajax can lead to logout by loosing the session

TRANSLATE-1226: Zend_Exception with message Array to string conversion

[2.7.3] - 2018-05-09


TRANSLATE-1243: IE11 could not load Segment.js

TRANSLATE-1239: JS: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

[2.7.2] - 2018-05-08


TRANSLATE-1240: Integrate external libs correctly in installer


requests producing a 404 were causing a logout instead of showing 404

[2.7.1] - 2018-05-07


TRANSLATE-1136: Check for content outside of mrk-tags (xliff)

TRANSLATE-1192: Length restriction: Add length of several segments

TRANSLATE-1130: Show specific whitespace-Tag

TRANSLATE-1190: Automatic import of TBX files

TRANSLATE-1189: Flexible Term and TermEntry Attributes

TRANSLATE-1187: Introduce TermCollections

TRANSLATE-1188: Extending the TBX-import

TRANSLATE-1186: new system role "termCustomerSearch"

TRANSLATE-1184: Client management

TRANSLATE-1185: Add field "end client" to user management


VISUAL-30: The connection algorithm connects segments only partially


TRANSLATE-1229: xliff 1.2 export deletes tags

TRANSLATE-1236: User creation via API should accept a given userGuid

TRANSLATE-1235: User creation via API produces errors on POST/PUT with invalid content

TRANSLATE-1128: Selecting segment and scrolling leads to jumping of grid

TRANSLATE-1233: Keyboard Navigation through grid looses focus

[2.6.30] - 2018-04-16


TRANSLATE-1218: XLIFF Import: preserveWhitespace per default to true

Renamed all editor modes


TRANSLATE-1154: Across xliff import does not set match rate

TRANSLATE-1215: TrackChanges: JS Exception on CTRL+. usage

TRANSLATE-1140: Row editor is not displayed after the first match in certain situations.

TRANSLATE-1219: Editor iframe body is reset and therefore not usable due missing content

VISUAL-28: Opening of visual task in IE 11 throws JS error

[2.6.29] - 2018-04-11


TRANSLATE-1130: Show specific whitespace-Tag

TRANSLATE-1132: Whitespace tags: Always deleteable

TRANSLATE-1127: xliff: Preserve whitespace between mrk-Tags

TRANSLATE-1137: Show bookmark and comment icons in autostatus column

TRANSLATE-1058: Send changelog via email to admin users when updating with install-and-update script


T5DEV-217: remaining search and replace todos

TRANSLATE-1200: Refactor images of internal tags to SVG content instead PNG


TRANSLATE-1209: TrackChanges: content tags in DEL INS tags are not displayed correctly in full tag mode

TRANSLATE-1212: TrackChanges: deleted content tags in a DEL tag can not readded via CTRL+, + Number

TRANSLATE-1210: TrackChanges: Using repetition editor on segments where a content tag is in a DEL and INS tag throws an exception

TRANSLATE-1194: TrackChanges: When the export removes deleted words, no double spaces must be left.

TRANSLATE-1124: store whitespace tag metrics into internal tag

VISUAL-24: visualReview: After adding a comment, a strange white window appears

[2.6.27] - 2018-03-15


T5DEV-236; visualReview: Matching-Algorithm: added some more "special spaces"


TRANSLATE-1183: Error in TaskActions.js using IE11

TRANSLATE-1182: VisualReview - JS Error: Cannot read property 'getIframeBody' of undefined

[2.6.26] - 2018-03-15


T5DEV-213: XlfExportTranslateByAutostate Plug-In


TRANSLATE-1180: improve logging and enduser communication in case of ZfExtended_NoAccessException exceptions

TRANSLATE-1179: HEAD and OPTIONS request should not create a log entry

[2.6.25] - 2018-03-12


TRANSLATE-1166: task-status-unconfirmed

TRANSLATE-1070: Make initial values of checkboxes in task add window configurable

TRANSLATE-949: delete old tasks by cron job (config sql file)


TRANSLATE-1144: Disable translate5 update popup for non admin users

PMs without loadAllTasks should be able to see their tasks, even without a task assoc.

TRANSLATE-1114: TrackChanges: fast replacing selected content triggers debugger statement

TRANSLATE-1145: Using TrackChanges and MatchResources

TRANSLATE-1143: The text in the tooltips with ins-del tags is not readable in visualReview layout

T5DEV-234 TrackChanges: reproduce handleDigitPreparation for Keyboard-Events


TRANSLATE-1178: if there are only directories and not files in proofRead, this results in "no importable files in the task"

TRANSLATE-1078: visualReview: Upload of PDF in wizard does not work

TRANSLATE-1164: VisualReview throws an exception with disabled headpanel

TRANSLATE-1155: Adding a translation check user to a proofreading task changes workflow step to translation

TRANSLATE-1153: Find Editor after opening another Task

TRANSLATE-1148: Maximum characters allowed in toSort column is over the limit

TRANSLATE-969: Calculation of next editable segment fails when sorting and filtering for a content column

TRANSLATE-1147: #UT messages still inside of trackChanges tooltip

TRANSLATE-1042: copy source to target is not working in firefox

[2.6.23] - 2018-02-15


TRANSLATE-1142: Task DB migration tracker

T5DEV-228: VisualReview: aliased segments get a tooltip now


TRANSLATE-1096: Changelog model produce unneeded error log

[2.6.22] - 2018-02-13


TRANSLATE-32: Search and Replace in translate5 editor

TRANSLATE-1116: Clone a already imported task

TRANSLATE-1109: Enable import of invalid XLIFF used for internal translations

TRANSLATE-1107: VisualReview converter server wrapper


TRANSLATE-1019: Improve File Handling Architecture in the import process

T5DEV-218: Enhance visualReview matching algorithm

TRANSLATE-1017: Use Okapi longhorn for merging files back instead tikal

TRANSLATE-1121: Several minor improvement in the installer

TRANSLATE-667: GUI cancels task POST requests longer than 60 seconds


TRANSLATE-1131: Internet Explorer compatibility mode results in non starting application

TRANSLATE-1122: TrackChanges: saving content to an attached matchresource (openTM2) saves also the content

TRANSLATE-1108: VisualReview: absolute paths for CSS and embedded fonts are not working on installations with a modified APPLICATION_RUNDIR

TRANSLATE-1138: Okapi Export does not work with files moved internally in translate5

TRANSLATE-1112: Across XML parser has problems with single tags in the comment XML

TRANSLATE-1110: Missing and wrong translated user roles in the notifyAllAssociatedUsers e-mail

TRANSLATE-1117: In IE Edge in the HtmlEditor the cursor cannot be moved by mouse only by keyboard

TRANSLATE-1141: TrackChanges: Del-tags are not ignored when the characters are counted in min/max length

[2.6.21] - 2018-01-22


TRANSLATE-1076: Windows Only: install-and-update-batch overwrites path to mysql executable

TRANSLATE-1103: TrackChanges Plug-In: Open segment for editing leads to an error in IE11

[2.6.20] - 2018-01-18


TRANSLATE-1097: Current release produces SQL error on installation

[2.6.18] - 2018-01-17


TRANSLATE-950: Implement a user hierarchy for user listing and editing

TRANSLATE-1089: Create segment history entry when set autostatus untouched, auto-set and reset username on unfinish

TRANSLATE-1099: Exclude framing internal tags from xliff import

TRANSLATE-941: New front-end rights

TRANSLATE-942: New task attributes tab in task properties window

TRANSLATE-1090: A user without setaclrole for a specific role can revoke such already granted roles


Integrate segmentation rules for EN in Okapi default bconf-file

TRANSLATE-1091: Rename "language" field/column in user grid / user add window


TRANSLATE-1101: Using Translate5 in internet explorer leads sometimes to logouts while application load

TRANSLATE-1086: Leave visualReview task leads to error in IE 11

T5DEV-219: Subsegment img found on saving some segments with tags and enabled track changes

[2.6.16] - 2017-12-14


TRANSLATE-1084: refactor internal translation mechanism


several smaller issues

[2.6.14] - 2017-12-11


TRANSLATE-1061: Add user locale dropdown to user add and edit window


TRANSLATE-1081: Using a taskGuid filter on /editor/task does not work for non PM users

TRANSLATE-1077: Segment editing in IE 11 does not work

[2.6.13] - 2017-12-07


TRANSLATE-822: segment min and max length - activated in Frontend

TRANSLATE-869: Okapi integration - improved tikal logging

[2.6.12] - 2017-12-06


TRANSLATE-1074: Editor-only mode: On opening finished task: Open in read-only mode


TRANSLATE-1055: Disable therootcause feedback button

TRANSLATE-1073: Update configured languages.

TRANSLATE-1072: Set default GUI language for users to EN


visualReview: fixes for translate5 embedded editor usage and RTL fixes

[2.6.11] - 2017-11-30


TRANSLATE-935: Configure columns of task overview on system level


TRANSLATE-905: Improve formatting of the maintenance mode message and add timezone to the timestamp.


T5DEV-198: Fixes for the non public VisualReview Plug-In

TRANSLATE-1063: VisualReview Plug-In: missing CSS for internal tags and to much line breaks

TRANSLATE-1053: Repetition editor starts over tag check dialog on overtaking segments from MatchResource

[2.6.10] - 2017-11-14


TRANSLATE-931: Tag check can NOT be skipped in case of error

TRANSLATE-822: segment min and max length

TRANSLATE-1027: Add translation step in workflow


Bundled OpenTM2 Installer


TRANSLATE-1001: Tag check does not work for translation tasks

TRANSLATE-1037: VisualReview and feedback button are overlaying each other

TRANSLATE-763: SDLXLIFF imports no segments with empty target tags

TRANSLATE-1051: Internal XLIFF reader for internal application translation can not deal with single tags

[2.6.4] - 2017-10-19


TRANSLATE-944: Import and Export comments from Across Xliff

TRANSLATE-1013: Improve embedded translate5 usage by a static link

T5DEV-161: Non public VisualReview Plug-In


TRANSLATE-1028: Correct wrong or misleading language shortcuts

[2.6.2] - 2017-10-16


TRANSLATE-869: Okapi integration for source file format conversion

TRANSLATE-995: Import files with generic XML suffix with auto type detection

TRANSLATE-994: Support RTL languages in the editor


TRANSLATE-1012: Improve REST API on task creation

TRANSLATE-1004: Enhance text description for task grid column to show task type


TRANSLATE-1011: XLIFF Import can not deal with internal unicodePrivateUseArea tags

TRANSLATE-1015: Reference Files are not attached to tasks

TRANSLATE-983: More tags in OpenTM2 answer than in translate5 segment lead to error

TRANSLATE-972: translate5 does not check, if there are relevant files in the import zip

[2.6.1] - 2017-09-14


TRANSLATE-994: Support RTL languages in the editor (must be set in LEK_languages)

TRANSLATE-974: Save all segments of a task to a TM


TRANSLATE-925: support xliff 1.2 as import format - improve fileparser to file extension mapping

TRANSLATE-926: ExtJS 6.2 update

TRANSLATE-972: translate5 does not check, if there are relevant files in the import zip

TRANSLATE-981: User inserts content copied from rich text wordprocessing tool


TRANSLATE-984: The editor converts single quotes to the corresponding HTML entity

TRANSLATE-997: Reset password works only once without reloading the user data

TRANSLATE-915: JS Error: response is undefined

[2.5.35] - 2017-08-17


TRANSLATE-957: XLF Import: Different tag numbering on tags swapped position from source to target

TRANSLATE-955: XLF Import: Whitespace import in XLF documents


TRANSLATE-937: translate untranslated GUI elements

TRANSLATE-925: XLF Import: support xliff 1.2 as import format - several smaller fixes

TRANSLATE-971: XLF Import: Importing an XLF with comments produces an error

TRANSLATE-968: XLF Import: Ignore CDATA blocks in the Import XMLParser

TRANSLATE-967: SDLXLIFF segment attributes could not be parsed

MITTAGQI-42: Changes.xliff filename was invalid under windows and minor issue in error logging

TRANSLATE-960: Trying to delete a task user assoc entry produces an exception

[2.5.34] - 2017-08-07


TRANSLATE-925: support xliff 1.2 as import format


T5DEV-172: (Ext 6.2 update prework) Quicktip manager instances have problems if configured targets does not exist anymore

T5DEV-171: (Ext 6.2 update prework) Get Controller instance getController works only with full classname


TRANSLATE-953: Direct Workers (like GUI TermTagging) are using the wrong worker state

[2.5.33] - 2017-07-11


TRANSLATE-628: Log changed terminology in changes xliff


TRANSLATE-921: Saving ChangeAlikes reaches PHP max_input_vars limit with a very high repetition count

TRANSLATE-922: Segment timestamp updates only on the first save of a segment

[2.5.32] - 2017-07-04


TRANSLATE-911: Workflow Notification mails could be too large for underlying mail system

TRANSLATE-906: translation bug: "Mehr Info" in EN

TRANSLATE-909: Editor window - change column title "Target text(zur Importzeit)"

TRANSLATE-894: Copy source to target – FIX

TRANSLATE-907: Rename QM-Subsegments to MQM in the GUI

TRANSLATE-818: internal tag replace id usage with data-origid and data-filename - additional migration script

TRANSLATE-895: Copy individual tags from source to target - ToolTip

TRANSLATE-885: fill non-editable target for translation tasks - compare targetHash to history

small fix for empty match rate tooltips showing "null"

[2.5.31] - 2017-06-23


TRANSLATE-882: Switch default match resource color from red to a nice green


TRANSLATE-845: Calling task export on task without segment view produces an error (with enabled SegmentStatistics Plugin)

TRANSLATE-904: json syntax error in match resource plugin

Multiple minor changes/fixes (code comment changes, missing tooltip)

[2.5.30] - 2017-06-13


TRANSLATE-885: fill non-editable target for translation tasks

TRANSLATE-894: Copy source to target

TRANSLATE-895: Copy individual tags from source to target

TRANSLATE-901: GUI task creation wizard

TRANSLATE-902: Pretranslation with Globalese Machine Translation


TRANSLATE-296: Harmonize whitespace and unicode special chars protection throughout the import file formats

TRANSLATE-896: Restructure editor menu

[2.5.27] - 2017-05-29


TRANSLATE-871: New Tooltip shows segment meta data over segmentNrInTask column

TRANSLATE-878: Enable GUI JS logger TheRootCause

TRANSLATE-877: Make Worker URL separately configurable


TRANSLATE-823: ignore sdlxliff bookmarks for relais import check

TRANSLATE-870: Enable MatchRate and Relays column per default in ergonomic mode

TRANSLATE-857: change target column names in the segment grid

TRANSLATE-880: XLF import: Copy source to target, if target is empty or does not exist

TRANSLATE-897: changes.xliff generation: alt-trans shorttext for target columns must be changed


TRANSLATE-875: Width of relays column is too small

TRANSLATE-891: OpenTM2 answer with Unicode characters and internal tags produces invalid HTML in answer

TRANSLATE-888: Mask tab character in source files with internal tag

TRANSLATE-879: SDLXliff and XLF import does not work with missing target tags

[2.5.26] - 2017-04-24


TRANSLATE-871: New Tooltip should show segment meta data over segmentNrInTask column


TRANSLATE-823: ignore sdlxliff bookmarks for relais import check

TRANSLATE-870: Enable MatchRate and Relais column per default in ergonomic mode


TRANSLATE-875: Width of relais column is too small

[2.5.25] - 2017-04-06


MITTAGQI-36: Add new license plug-in exception

[2.5.24] - 2017-04-05


TRANSLATE-850: Task can not be closed when user was logged out in the meantime

[2.5.23] - 2017-04-05


Included OpenTM2 Community Edition updated to Version

[2.5.22] - 2017-04-05


TRANSLATE-854: Change font-size in ergo-mode to 13pt


TRANSLATE-849: wrong usage of findRecord in frontend leads to wired errors

TRANSLATE-853: installer fails with "-" in database name

[2.5.14] - 2017-03-30


TRANSLATE-807: Change default editor mode to ergonomic mode

TRANSLATE-796: Enhance concordance search

TRANSLATE-826: Show only a maximum of MessageBox messages

TRANSLATE-821: Switch translate5 to Triton theme

TRANSLATE-502: OpenTM2-Integration into MatchResource Plug-In


TRANSLATE-820: Generalization of Languages model

TRANSLATE-818: internal tag replace id usage with data-origid and data-filename

MITTAGQI-30: Update license informations


TRANSLATE-833: Add application locale to the configurable Help URL

TRANSLATE-839: Ensure right character set of DB import with importer

TRANSLATE-844: roweditor minimizes its height

TRANSLATE-758: DbUpdater under Windows can not deal with DB Passwords with special characters

TRANSLATE-805: show match type tooltip also in row editor

[2.5.9] - 2017-01-23


fixing an installer issue with already existing tables while installation

TRANSLATE-783: Indentation of fields

[2.5.7] - 2017-01-19


TRANSLATE-767: Changealike Window title was always in german

TRANSLATE-787: Translate5 editor does not start anymore - on all installed instances

TRANSLATE-782: Change text in task creation pop-up

TRANSLATE-781: different white space inside of internal tags leads to failures in relais import

TRANSLATE-780: id column of LEK_browser_log must not be NULL

TRANSLATE-768: Db Updater complains about Zf_worker_dependencies is missing

[2.5.6] - 2016-11-04


Content changes in the pages surround the editor


TRANSLATE-758: DbUpdater under Windows can not deal with DB Passwords with special characters

TRANSLATE-761: Task must be reloaded when switching from state import to open

[2.5.2] - 2016-10-26


TRANSLATE-726: New Column "type" in ChangeLog Plugin

TRANSLATE-743: Implement filters in change-log grid


improved worker exception logging

TRANSLATE-759: Introduce config switch to set application language instead of browser recognition

TRANSLATE-751: Updater must check for invalid DB settings

TRANSLATE-612: User-Authentication via API - enable session deletion, login counter

TRANSLATE-644: enable editor-only usage in translate5 - enable direct task association

TRANSLATE-750: Make API auth default locale configurable


TRANSLATE-760: The source and target columns are missing sometimes after import for non PM users

TRANSNET-10: Login and passwd reset page must be also in english

TRANSLATE-684: Introduce match-type column - fixing tests

TRANSLATE-745: double tooltip on columns with icon in taskoverview

TRANSLATE-749: session->locale sollte an dieser Stelle bereits durch LoginController gesetzt sein

TRANSLATE-753: change-log-window is not translated on initial show

[2.5.1] - 2016-09-27


TRANSLATE-637: Inform users about new features

TRANSLATE-137: Maintenance Mode

TRANSLATE-680: Automatic substituations of tags for repetitions

TRANSLATE-612: User-Authentication via API

TRANSLATE-664: Integrate separate help area in translate5 editor

TRANSLATE-684: Introduce match-type column

TRANSLATE-644: enable editor-only usage in translate5

TRANSLATE-718: Introduce a config switch to disable comment export (default is to enable export)

TRANSLATE-625: Switch Task-Import and -export to worker-architecture

TRANSLATE-621: Implement task status "error"


TRANSLATE-646: search for "füll" is finding the attribute-value "full", that is contained in every internal tag

TRANSLATE-750: Make API auth default locale configurable


TRANSLATE-725: Filtering status column in task overview throws error

TRANSLATE-727: Filtering source language column in task overview throws an error

TRANSLATE-728: Missing column title for match resource column


TRANSLATE-715: Fix MQM short cut labels

TRANSLATE-749: session locale fix

[2.4.16] - 2016-08-04


TRANSLATE-711: Check-Script for translate-683

enable application zip override on commandline


TRANSLATE-710: change generated dates in changes.xliff to DateTime::ATOM format

TRANSLATE-705: Single click leads to opening of segment

TRANSLATE-712: remote sorting not working in task and user grid

TRANSLATE-713: JS Error when opening segments with terminology with unknown term status

Changed - for supporters only

TRANSLATE-421: Display TM-Assoc in task-Overview panel & Task-Assoc in TM-Overview panel Only available for supporters of the crowdfunding until the crowdfunding is fully financed, see

[2.4.14] - 2016-07-27


TRANSLATE-707: Export comments to sdlxliff

TRANSLATE-684: adding a matchRateType column

translate5 Plugins: added support for translations, public files and php controllers

Added - for supporters only

TRANSLATE-421: translate5 connects and uses results from third party TM (openTM2) and MT (Moses MT) resources Only available for supporters of the crowdfunding until the crowdfunding is fully financed, see


TRANSLATE-706: Check during relais import, if source of relais file is identical to source of to be translated file

TRANSLATE-689: Files containing empty segments cannot be imported in Transit

TRANSLATE-701: remove legacy content tag export code

TRANSLATE-700: Move regexInternalTags from config to class constant

[2.4.9] - 2016-06-02


TRANSLATE-678: Diff Export is destroying entities in certain rare cases

TRANSLATE-670: Keyboard short cut collision under windows: CTRL + ALT + DIGIT changed to ALT + S and then DIGIT CTRL + ALT + C changed ALT + C

TRANSLATE-631: ExtJS6 Update, fixes (related to keyboard shortcuts)

TRANSLATE-682: translate5 export contains closing div tags from termtagger: PORTAL-88

TRANSLATE-683: repetition editor changes the source, even if it is non-editable

TRANSLATE-686: Autostate calculation in ChangeAlike handling is wrong in some circumstances

[2.4.8] - 2016-05-06


integrate crowdfunding success in frontpage


TRANSLATE-631: ExtJS6 Update, fixes (IE-warnmessage, errors related to shortcut CTRL-G)

[2.4.7] - 2016-04-25


TRANSLATE-679: Notify User about outdated browser


TRANSLATE-631: ExtJS6 Update, fixes

TRANSLATE-668: Termtagger config GUI repaired

TRANSLATE-671: Improve filemap performance (memory peak on huge tasks)

[2.4.6] - 2016-04-06


TRANSLATE-631: ExtJs 6 Update, several fixes

[2.4.5] - 2016-03-17


TRANSLATE-586: Allow user only to add MQM-tags, but not to edit the content

TRANSLATE-631: ExtJs 6 Update, including new features:

  • decoupling segment editor from the grid
  • segment editor can be moved vertically
  • the opened segment stays open, regardless where the other segments are scrolled
  • Navi Button to scroll back to the opened segment

TRANSLATE-598: Show count of filtered segments in GUI


TRANSLATE-659: Multiple tags of the same type are producing DomQuery warnings

TRANSLATE-218: enable MQM for empty strings / missing content

TRANSLATE-578: Change MQM-syntax in exported CSV

TRANSLATE-622: Change order of the save and cancel button in the meta panel

TRANSLATE-654: Improve tag protection and regex-based protection in CSV files

TRANSLATE-653: Stop import, if TBX-file is given but does not contain entries for one of the selected languages

[2.3.103] - 2016-02-04


TRANSLATE-576: Added Keyboard shortcuts for most common actions

TRANSLATE-216: Introduced a user specific segment watch-list

TRANSLATE-641: Revert segment to initial version

TRANSLATE-653: Stopping import, if given TBX-file does not contain entries for one of the selected languages

TRANSLATE-635: lock segments in translate5 that are locked in original bilingual system

TRANSLATE-640: make maxParallelProcesses for all other worker types configurable

TRANSLATE-627: Make configurable, if unfiltered statistic file is generated or not

TRANSLATE-620: add columns for number of chars and lines per file to statistics


TRANSLATE-652: transNotDefined in XliffTermTagger-Responses leads to duplicate CSS-class definitions

TRANSLATE-655: Fixed sql-error in Installer on sql-import of new installation from the scratch

TRANSLATE-650: switch XliffTermTagger version checking to new version output

TRANSLATE-648: MQM-Shortcut-Hint does not show correct shortcuts

TRANSLATE-594: Fixed entity encode on import and decode on export of CSV files

TRANSLATE-624: don't copy icons in terminology portlet of editor

[2.3.102] - 2015-12-09


TRANSLATE-614: JS-based serverside Log of Browser-Version of the user

TRANSLATE-619: Import statistics: configurable value for generating statistic tables for single language pairs


TRANSLATE-611: Fixed Error-Message "Terme"

TRANSLATE-610: Enhance Error-Message on tag error in editor

TRANSLATE-615: Repetition editor sets wrong autostate for unchanged source match with different target content

TRANSLATE-609: Improve error message on receiving a termtagger error while loading TBX

TRANSLATE-608: Internal space tag is not reconverted in changes.xml

TRANSLATE-607: DB Deadlock on taskUserAssoc clean up

TRANSLATE-604: Termtagger errors when importing already imported taskGuid improve striptermtags error output

TRANSLATE-623: Change segment grid column order

TRANSLATE-622: Change order of the save and cancel button in the meta panel

TRANSLATE-598: Show count of filtered segments in GUI

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