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All updates are (downwards) compatible! If not this is listed in the important release notes.

[5.0.15] - 2020-12-21

Important Notes:


Now language resources of the same customer and with a sub-language (de-de, de-at) are also added automatically to tasks using only the base language (de).


TRANSLATE-2249: Length restriction for sdlxliff files
SDLXLIFF specific length restrictions are now read out and used for internal processing.


TRANSLATE-2343: Enhance links from default skin to
Change links from default skin to

TRANSLATE-390: Prevent that the same error creates a email on each request to prevent log spam
Implemented the code base to recognize duplicated errors and prevent sending error mails.


TRANSLATE-2353: OpenTM2 strange matching of single tags
In the communication with OpenTM2 the used tags are modified to improve found matches.

TRANSLATE-2346: Wrong Tag numbering on using language resources
If a segment containing special characters and is taken over from a language resource, the tag numbering could be messed up. This results then in false positive tag errors.

TRANSLATE-2339: OpenTM2 can not handle datatype="unknown" in TMX import
OpenTM2 does not import any segments from a TMX, that has datatype="unknown" in its header tag, this is fixed by modifying the TMX on upload.

TRANSLATE-2338: Use ph tag in OpenTM2 to represent line-breaks
In the communication with OpenTM2 line-breaks are converted to ph type="lb" tags, this improves the matchrates for affected segments.

TRANSLATE-2336: Auto association of language resources does not use language fuzzy match
Now language resources with a sub-language (de-de, de-at) are also added to tasks using only the base language (de).

TRANSLATE-2334: Pressing ESC while task is uploading results in task stuck in status import
Escaping from task upload window while uploading is now prevented.

TRANSLATE-2332: Auto user association on task import does not work anymore
Auto associated users are added now again, either as translators or as revieweres depending on the nature of the task.

TRANSLATE-2328: InstantTranslate: File upload will not work behind a proxy
InstantTranslate file upload may not work behind a proxy, depending on the network configuration. See config worker.server.

TRANSLATE-2294: Additional tags from language resources are not handled properly
The tag and whitespace handling of all language resources are unified and fixed, regarding to missing or additional tags.

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