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Important Notes:

TRANSLATE-2312: Re-enabled full text search in the target language field of the task creation wizard.

TRANSLATE-2306: The button in the editor to leave a task (formerly "Leave task"), which is currently labeled "Continue task later" is renamed to "Back to task list" as agreed in monthly meeting.


TRANSLATE-2225: Import filter for special Excel file format containing texts with special length restriction needs
A client specific import filter for a data in a client specific excel file format.


TRANSLATE-2296: Improve Globalese integration to work with project feature
Fix Globalese integration with latest translate5.


TRANSLATE-2313: InstantTranslate: new users sometimes can not use InstantTranslate
New users are sometimes not able to use instanttranslate. That depends on the showSubLanguages config and the available languages.

TRANSLATE-2312: Can't use "de" anymore to select a target language
In project creation target language field type "(de)" and you get no results. Instead typing "Ger" works. The first one is working now again.

TRANSLATE-2311: Cookie Security
Set the authentication cookie according to the latest security recommendations.

TRANSLATE-2308: Disable webserver directory listing
The apache directory listing is disabled for security reasons in the .htaccess file.

TRANSLATE-2307: Instanttranslate documents were accessable for other users
Instanttranslate documents could be accessed from other users by guessing the task id in the URL.

TRANSLATE-2306: Rename "Continue task later" button
The button in the editor to leave a task (formerly "Leave task"), which is currently labeled "Continue task later" is renamed to "Back to task list" as agreed in monthly meeting.

TRANSLATE-2293: Custom panel is not state full
The by default disabled custom panel is now also stateful.

TRANSLATE-2288: Reduce size to decrease installation time
The time needed for an update of translate5 depends also on the package size. The package was blown up in the last time, now the size is reduced again.

TRANSLATE-2287: Styles coming from plugins are added multiple times to the HtmlEditor
Sometimes the content styles of the HTML Editor are added multiple times, this is fixed.

TRANSLATE-2265: Microsoft translator directory lookup change
Solves the problem that microsoft translator does not provide results when searching text in instant translate with more then 5 characters.

TRANSLATE-2224: Deleted tags in TrackChanges do not really look deleted
FIX: Deleted tags in TrackChanges in the HTML-Editor now look deleted as well (decorated with a strike-through)

TRANSLATE-2172: maxNumberOfLines currently only works for pixel-length and not char-length checks
Enabling line based length check also for length unit character.

TRANSLATE-2151: Visual Editing: If page grows to large (gets blue footer) and had been zoomed, some visual effects do not work, as they should
Fixed inconsistencies with the Text-Reflow and especially the page-growth colorization when zooming the visual review. Pages now keep their grown size when scrolling them out of view & back.

TRANSLATE-1034: uploading file bigger as post_max_size or upload_max_filesize gives no error message, just a empty window
If uploading a file bigger as post_max_size or upload_max_filesize gives an error message is given now.

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