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These options are set in installation scenarios of translate5

Normal options are set in the database table Zf_configuration.

In contrast, installation specific options are set in the file


which resides in your translate5 installation directory. If you followed translate5 Ubuntu installation manual, your installation directory is located at


If you used translate5 windows installer, it is located at


Options in installation.ini

;mandatory database connection information: = "DB_HOST"
resources.db.params.username = "DB_USERNAME"
resources.db.params.password = "DB_PASSWORD"
resources.db.params.dbname = "DB_NAME"

;mandatory default sender email address and name; same address is used as receiver for error mails = MAILADDRESS = Support Translate5 ; should be changed to a speakable name

;If there is no local mail server configured, mail sending can optionally be configured to use a third party mail server
resources.mail.transport.type = Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp = SMTPSERVER

; The following lines about mail configuration are all optional!
resources.mail.transport.ssl = tls | ssl → with ssl the port 465 is used automatically
; If authentication is needed for above configure mail server:
resources.mail.transport.auth = login | plain | crammd5 ; → choose the correct authtype here
resources.mail.transport.username = USERNAME
resources.mail.transport.password = PASSWORD

runtimeOptions.sendMailDisabled = 1 ; with this optional setting all mail sending can be disabled. set to 0 or remove entry to enable mail sending.

Additional Information to the e-mail configuration:

MAILADDRESS: must be replaced with a valid e-mail address. The address is used as sender address (so the configured SMTP server must be able to send mails with this address as sender).
The same e-mail is used as the default receiver for all types of errors in the application. The receiver for logging / error mails can be configured differently.

SMTPSERVER: is the address of the SMTP server

USERNAME and PASSWORD: are the credentials to the SMTP server, if an auth type is configured.


The installation.ini contains:

  • database connection information
    => this is the default email-address of your translate5 installation
  • runtimeOptions.sendMailDisabled
    => set to 1, to disable all mail sending. This is the recommended setting, if you have no mailserver installed.
    => set to 0 to enable mail sending. If you use this setting, your php-installation must know a mailserver to pass emails to.
    For your information: If you enable mails in translate5, in case of php errors translate5 will send an email about the error to the mail address configured in  

Be careful: Configuration values in installation.ini overwrite values set in Zf_configuration. With the exception of the above listed options this IS NOT recommended. 

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