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This is installation manual is deprecated and outdated but kept for reference. See Docker based installation how to install translate5 and its services easily.

Please do not use this way of installation anymore.

We only advice people to do this, who are experts in configuration of web server environments.

If you consider yourself such an expert, you should be able to follow the translate5 Linux installation manual and "translate" it yourself to an windows environment. Instead of using the as described for Linux, you should be able to use the install-and-update.bat to install translate5 on windows, if you do it the right way.

If you call install-and-update.bat the first time, it creates a config file "windows-installer-config.ini" and stops execution. Please check the config file, if stored path to php.exe and mysql.exe are correct.

Just call the batch file again if you have checked / corrected the config file.

Please let us know your experiences and contribute to this manual!

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