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Be careful: NEC-TM integration with translate5 is currently deprecated. If you need the latest translate5 to work with NEC-TM, you might need additional development. In this case please contact translate5's development team at

NEC-TM may become the standard translation memory server for translate5, since it is docker-based, runs under Linux and is a modern server based on the big data technology stack ElasticSearch.

NEC-TM has only a basic Admin-Interface, but no translation interface. It is designed to serve as a TM-engine via API access for other servers and thus is a perfect match for translate5. Optionally the same TM on NEC-TM can be accessed through translate5 and other CAT-tools.

More information about NEC-TM you find at

Installation under Ubuntu 18.04

Install docker

Install docker as outlined here:

Install NEC-TM

Create NEC-TM directory

sudo mkdir -p /opt/nectm/elasticsearch_data
sudo chmod -R aog+w /opt/nectm/elasticsearch_data

Install NEC-TM

sudo docker pull nectm/activatm:latest

This will run a while (wink)

Run NEC-TM for the first time

sudo docker run --restart=always -p 27979:7979 -p 27878:7878 -p 19200:9200 -v/opt/nectm/elasticsearch_data:/elasticsearch_data --name nectm -t nectm/activatm:latest

The "restart" part of the command will ensure, that docker automatically restarts NEC-TM in case of system reboot or failures.

Automatic (re)start of NEC-TM at system boot

For instructions on how to do an automatic (re)start of a docker container like NEC-TM please use this manual:

Configure translate5 for usage of NEC-TM as Translation Memory resource

See the instructions here

Configure NEC-TM for usage by translate5

See the instructions here at the bottom of the page

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