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languagetool does spell checking, grammar checking and style checking.

For spell checking it mostly builds on hunspell.

There is a large number of languages, that are supported by hunspell itself, but not by languagetool so far, because languagetool by default only supports those languages, where they offer also grammar and style checking.

For translate5 it makes sense to support spell checking for as many languages as possible through languagetool.

To activate the additional languages

that are so far in the list of available languages of translate5 do the following:

Clone dictionary repository

Go to the same directory, where your languagetool installation directory is (not inside it, but same level).

git clone

(You can view the repo in the browser here:

Add the to the start command that starts your languagetool server, for example in your init.d start script, that it looks like the following code block. Please note:

  • if you do not use ngrams, omit the "--languageModel ./ngrams" part
  • the command below is expected to be run inside the languagetool installation directory
java -cp languagetool-server.jar org.languagetool.server.HTTPServer --port 8081 --config ../hunspell-dictionaries-for-languagetool/ --languageModel ./ngrams &

Please note: For some languages that Hunspell supports the "common_words.txt" file needed by language tool is added as an empty file. The reason is, that so far no file list for these languages could be found, where the license supports to use it. You are welcome to add it as a pull request to above mentioned directory. The common_words-file is used by languagetool to enhance the speed.

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