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translate5 provides an integrated Spell-, Grammar- and Style-Checker (based on LanguageTool) for editing a segment.

Errors that are detected include: wrong spelling, wrong grammer, misfitting quotation marks, inaccurate date-specifiations, word-repititions, ...

The errors are marked in different colors according to the kind of error.

With a right mouse-click you can access more information about the error and suggestions for replacements. If you click on a suggestion, the suggested phrase instantly replaces the marked error in the segment.

The SpellCheck runs only when you stop typing or when evoked manually; this ensures that performance and speed while editing are not impaired.

To be able to use the the SpellCheck, the spell check plugin must be activated and a spell checker (like LanguageTool) must be configured and installed. For more information about that:

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